Monday, October 22, 2007

Can't help living for the weekend

What a great weekend! Robb and I agreed by about 2 p.m. on Friday, that some fun was in order for this family. So I put supper in the crockpot and took the kids to the park in the late afternoon, where Robb met us after work. The kids played long and hard and we returned home hungry. We gobbled down sloppy joes and finished the last four phases of the card game we began earlier in the week. (Note: Phase Ten is a really long game for kids just learning how to play cards, but it's fun when you drag it out over several nights like a long story). By then it was "late" and the kids were ready to be tucked in...after we brushed most of the sand off of them from the park.

Then we snuggled down to watch a movie we had taped on the DVR. I might have missed a little in the middle after falling into that deep and wondrous sleep you only get on the couch.

We slept in the next morning til nearly nine, when we were awakened by the sound of the microwave in use, which is a questionable activity for our children still. When we finally dragged our sorry butts out of bed, we discovered that Mattie had made one of her favorite breakfasts: Johnny Cake (or cornbread for those of you with little imagination). We like it with butter and syrup for breakfast and at 29 cents a box, you can't beat the price!

Mattie is still pretty new to the cooking scene, and "couldn't find" the directions on the box, so she relied on her memory for making the cornbread...which resulted in forgetting the egg. Heretofore, it "didn't look right" when she took it out of the oven, so she popped the two METAL pans in the microwave for a while, which actually turned out pretty good. And the microwave still works, amazingly enough.

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It was a PERFECT day here, sunny with a cool start that worked it's way up to 80 degrees. We headed off to the War Eagle Mill Craft fair, which was phenomenal. I had no idea it would be so large, but I estimated 10 acres of parking alone. This will definitely become a tradition for us. The fair has been a tradition since 1954 and had a number of really great exhibits. We got a great parking spot and enjoyed it much more than we expected.

The fair takes place on both sides of this narrow one one way bridge, and I got a kick of watching people cross like ants, single file, to allow cars to keep passing.

Then it was time to wander home, stopping at various yard sales, including a-buck-a-bag church favorite!

In the evening, Daisy came to babysit the kids, while Robb and I attended a reception and dinner for our friend, Amber, who got a photo exhibit in one of the great coffee houses here, Common Grounds. My favorite was an image she captured at a Peace Rally in the spring. I was so proud of her and may I just say how cool it is to have such artistic friends? Musician, photographer, bead-work genius...she is so freakin' cool.

And then, BAM, before we knew it, it was time for church on Sunday...I love Vintage so much...I got into a sour mood during set up, but my friends are so good to me, I couldn't help cheering up. I was in the nursery this week, but I heard the sermon was great. Can't wait to see the video. And during tear down, a great group volunteered to get Daisy moved into her new apartment. I wish I brought my camera, because the queu of pick ups, SUVs and cars toting her stuff (much of which used to be our stuff, which is very like can't escape it) was amusing. In about an hour and half, it was out of the storage unit, into the second floor. I stayed for another couple of hours, getting it looking cute and homey. She is now nicely ensconced with her two kitties. Now we just have to get her driving, and she'll be set.

Arrived home where the kids had just settled in for peanut butter toast and hot chocolate and we all snuggled in to watch AFV.

Yeah, it's hard not to live for weekends like this.


GoteeMan said...

sounds wonderful! Kim and I can't wait til she is well... First thing will be a trip for the whole family to Disney, then she and I will get away to Whitestone ( again... a wonderful retreat for couples.


gerbmom said...

hey Vanessa,
thanks for stopping by my blog. I read yours all the time, so I should just add a link on mine. I think I will. As for the Mindy Smith lyrics - yeah, that's pretty much where I am at right now. And so,so tired of going in circles and banging my head on the wall....
I was gonna email you, but couldn't find your address. I suppose I coulda asked A, but that seemed a little weird. So, anyway - hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend....

ness said...'ll find me at vryerse at gmail dot com. We could compare notes, I'm sure!

Jeff, how's things? yeah, there is just something about a trip that helps you feel a little human was great. Glad you stopped by!

A said...

I felt the sermon was "average".

Amber said...


I'm REALLY glad you guys could make it! Ya'll mean so much to me!

A said...

It is interesting that you got in a bad mood during setup. I have found that the setup time is the time I struggle the most at Vintage. For some reason, I often get in a foul mood at some point during setup. Not sure if it is the stress or the frustration of too many people needing me to do too many things all at once, or what, but I really really have a hard time with it. It is my lowest point on Sunday, almost every week. That makes it particularly difficult to get up and preach. If I could waive a magic wand and change anything about our Vintage experience, that would be it. That somehow, some way, things would get set up the way they were supposed to, and everyone would be ready for the service, and the Ryerses and Marshalls could arrive at 9:45 well rested and ready to go with nothing to worry about but being friendly and doing what we do best.

ness said...

I suspect, A, that that is the very reason it isn't always easy for us...nobody grows without pain, huh? I rarely do get into a bad mood on Sundays...but I think this past week, I just was so frustrated with those guy's stuff everywhere and how I was just going to do a bunch of work and not get to enjoy the service was weird for me....I am trying to think about it accept the challenges without being upset...I guess for me that boils down to expectations... ie.... Expect the worst, hope for the best! A weird tension for sure.

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