Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last week, I had company and lice and fixed up the children's rooms at church, and shopped for Matttie's birthday and planned a birthday party and won a big contest and had coffee with the girls and worried about a place for Daisy to live and went to the small group leaders meeting and cried a little because I was tired.

This week, we had Mattie's party and continued to check for lice and had another Vintage meeting and some intense phone calls and I listed 25 things on ebay and cleaned the house and made homemade chicken soup because the whole family is coughing and worried about money and the wedding next week and Daisy's move on Friday but not parent-teacher conferences today...and I am still a little tired.

But right now...this moment is pretty quiet. So I thought I should write that down. Just so I remember what it feels like.


Ron said...

I thought you had been abducted by aliens... and they do those probing experiments which hurt according to witnesses on the Discovery Channel which promted me to get you a card, but Halmark doesn't make cards that say, "Sorry You Were Probed by Aliens... I Hope it All Works Out." so then I just came home and read your blog and it said you were tired and so I got tired and took a nap and missed a phone call, but I hope you get some rest and we'll talk later. I love you.

Sara said...

I don't blame you I'd be tired to after a week like that...

Can't wait till we get to see you all again...YEAh just 8 more days..

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