Monday, September 10, 2007

Greendale Cemetery

My poor parents. I come home to visit and they want to take me someplace fun. Know where I wanted to go? That's right...cemetery exploring. I have lots of great memories of this beautiful place (as well as sad ones) since it is located just down the street from my school. On many nice days, our teacher would take us for a walk through this garden-style cemetery, which was laid out about the same time as Memphis' Elmwood. If you follow the link in the title, you can read more about this historic cemetery, where George Washington's personal physician and the developer of the zipper are buried... as well as many members of my family.

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courtney said...

that is one of my favorite cemeteries...I think Ron has almost totally agreed to being buried there...I've had some good time there--learning to roller skate, reading Sherlock Holmes, playing hide-n-seek with Keri F., accidently scaring the crap out of a priest and two nuns...lots of good clean fun

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