Saturday, September 22, 2007

Better Make that $595.00

ME: "Thanks for picking up the catalog, Babe. How much was it?"

HIM: "What do you mean, how much was it? It's a catalog."

ME: "Yeah, but they aren't free. You have to pay for them."

US, looking at front of cover which plainly says $5.00: "GASP!"

ME: "You just walked in and took it?! You STOLE the catalog????"

HIM: "I didn't KNOW! I'll go back and pay for it tomorrow."

That's right...The Right Rev stole the JC Penny catalog.


Robb said...

I didn't know.

12-arrows said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL this got my day off to a great start! Thanks for the good hearty laugh!!! Truly its an easy mistake, who would think you have to pay $$ for a JCPENNEY catalog?

Heidi said...


Um, I would have done the same thing to though = )

Heidi said...


Anonymous said...

Used to be the catalogs were free, then they started charging $5 but with a $5 coupon inside.

If you order from the catalog, a postcard for a free catalog is mailed to you the next year. So ... essentially ... it is free!

signed: a Ree fan

P.S. Congrats on your win!

Janna said...

Ha! I used to work at JCP and don't worry, about half of the people who buy a catalog have a coupon for a free catalog. So don't worry about it too much!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I have "America's Most Wanted" on my speed dial :)

Congratulations on your win.

Mini Me's Room said...

nice... REAL nice


Bob Cleveland said...


I linked over from Ree's blog.

I see you listed Church Planting, Theology and God on your Profile, and also you like The Carpenters. We must be related! :)

Congrats on the naming thing. I emailed Ree Wednesday morning and said "Rise and Whine" .. hands down.

Like your blog. I'm into theology too if you'd like to check my blog some time.

God bless.

ps: I liked your work with the Untouchables.

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