Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time for an Adventure

Because of an anonymous and AMAZING person, I am flying to see my parents this weekend. ..just me.
No diapers.
No Birth Control.
I'm not sure I know what to pack, quite frankly, other than my favorite eyeliner.

I'm nervous about it...I mean just because I have a college degree doesn't mean I can maneuver alone through the Atlanta airport. (I CAN amuse three toddlers with a box of raisins and three wet-wipes...that's easy.)

And then there's the whole LEAVING the four of them alone...there's always that terribly frightening possibility...You know what I'm talking about, right? The awful possibility that I will come home all rested and human and be greeted with a house smeared with peanut-butter, chips in the couch, and 14 loads of laundry. I told you I think too much.

But I'm silencing my fears and going. I haven't seen my parents in a year and I'm looking forward to seeing my sister and extended family too. I'm even planning to make it to the church where I grew up (Hope I remember how to act in a setting where they don't pass popcorn buckets for the offering and you can copy your own tattoo on the bathroom wall with your phone number). One day the high is supposed to be 70 I guess I'll pack jeans and a sweater!

So ok, eyeliner, jeans and a sweater. I guess I'm good to go...


A said...

Bring some of that clean, fresh Western PA air back with you, will ya'?

12-arrows said...

Every now and then we need a chance to step away from our families for a few days. Its not only good for us but good for them. You go, enjoy your time with your family, and no matter what you find at home upon your return it won't matter because you will be so glad to see them!

klasieprof said...

as my S.O. Says.."How can I miss you if you won't go?".


and take time to "BE" in the moment.

Mini Me's Room said...

Have fun!

Heidi said...

I know that gut wrenching feeling of leaving everyone. It's usually gone about 10 minutes after I'm out the door.

Have fun!

Candice said...

I hope you have a rocking time, remember, this time you are going back an Arkansaian! You will be so totally missed!

Amber said...

Won't be the same without your smiling face on Sunday! But have fun!!

courtney said...

GET HERE ALREADY!!! I've got cinnamon rolls, 3 kinds of pie, a nice bottle of wine (or two) waiting for your arrival...are we driving up to mom+dad's right off or do you want to see the hovel?

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