Friday, August 10, 2007

This will make you smile...

just watch the video and don't think too hard.


courtney said...

HOLY COW!! I'm impressed!

Amy said...


You should go back and read your blogs from September '05.

I read a few of them today, just to see exactly how you started; I've only been reading your blog for a short while.

This is really bad and sad to say:
The little girl is really cute--love the slobber. I always wonder about kids that can quote scripture word-for-word at such a young age b/c I had teacher's kids at the high school I attended that were forced to memorize a Scripture for every letter of the alphabet they were learning, as if it were their salvation insurance.

Always makes me cringe.

I know, I'm jaded; I'm workin' on it. :0)

Man, I've been a downer lately.

It's Friday!!!

12-arrows said...

AWE..................that is just adorable! makes me realize how inept I have been in teaching my younger kids scripture.

ness said...

A: All have sinned.
B: I forget
C: Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right
D: Depart from evil and do good
E: Even a child is known by his doings.....

Hi. My name is Vanessa. I'm a recovering legalist.

I told you not to think about it too hard. : )

my kid has the Scooby Doo song mostly memorized.

courtney said...

yeah, I had a moment of "Dora doesn't have anything memorized..." and then I realized she's 3 and I should chill.
What was "B"?
Dora sings the songs to WonderPets and has altered the Barney song to be alittle more fitting to her perspective..."I love you, I love me, I love me ..."

ness said...

Charleigh loves herself too.

She also sings "Sweet Home Alabama" but she has translated it into "Sweet Heart Elevation."

i just looked over and realized she fell asleep in time out...

ness said...

Amy, I did go back and read some of those old posts. Poor Chica...I feel bad for that person...she didn't know what was coming.....

courtney said...

a kid that sleeps....I would never covet my neighbor's husband but maybe her kids that sleep.
Funniest thing Dora sings is "Under Pressure" She's a rock star

12-arrows said...

My kids know most of the songs from High School Musical but a side note they note alot of the songs on a CD I have in the car by Chris Tomlin.....

kendra said...

Absolutely adorable! What a brightening little clip to watch. Her eyes really capture the moment and show the innocence of babes. Loved it.

courtney said...

Come on, Kendra, you were there too--what's "B" stand for? ;)

kendra said...

Really don't remember "B", but I will not sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" ever again!!!! copy of Halley's Bible Handbook is long gone, although my husband has a copy that showed up years later to haunt me!!!!

courtney said...

I tried to give mine away at a garage sale only to find my sister-in-law flipping through it
"NO!!! don't touch that!! Quick-go wash your hands--dirty!"

Robb said...

B: Be kind, one to another.

Amy said...

Oh, I thought it was:

B: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

King James Version, of course.

I tried not to think too hard, it just comes naturally. Little kids and Bible verses make me feel exactly the same way I feel about Children of the Corn.

Warped, jaded and recovering legalist. That's me. :0)

Amy said...

Okay, I may have one up here on everyone else.

I'll admit in front of the whole Blogosphere...I willingly went to Pensacola Christian College.

I lasted one year.

I would have went back, had circumstances allowed.

Love and friends cause people to do many strange things.

courtney said...

Amy, I went to Baptist Bible College for 2 years because the school I wanted to go to wouldn't take me and Ness was already at BBC. THOSE aren't the right reasons to go to any school, but especially just because you were too smug to have a backup plan. After two years there, my only goal was to be the first to committ suicide in the dorms on the last day of classes. Friends don't let friends be legalists.

klasieprof said...
This is the only REAL school..the rest of you are Slackers.
THIS school "Produces Preacher Boys".
I know 'cos they shout it out on the street corners all over OKC.
Grace and Love? yah, not so much.
Rules and Neat little boxes? much.
Faculty all related somehow to one another..? Yah...So much.
KJV ONLY!! The rest is Heresy!
Just remember ya all...God LISTENS more when you have a suit and short hair, or skirts and culottes and nylons on.
What is WITH you people?
You need 3 hours of bus ministry on Sat, along with 5 hours on Sunday pick up, and two hours of SOUL WINNING (not whimpy "visitation) During the week.
"EXAMINE" yourselfs PLEASE!!

ok..I am pre coffee. Perhaps this is jaded.
The little girl..SO CUTE! and her dad DOES sound like he LOVES her...and doesn't SLAP her for making a mistake. Big Diff!!

ness said...


and who could blame ya?

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