Monday, August 20, 2007

main event





And here is the main event...I can't believe they are back to school. This is the first year...this is profound, so don't miss it...that we are returning to a school as seasoned veterans. Mattie's first year was of course...a big deal. He first day at first grade (still in MI) was the day we adopted Charleigh and then 3 weeks later, we moved and she started a new private school here. At the end of that school year, we moved into this house and Mattie and Vin went together to another new school . This year, we'll have some continuity for the first time.
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courtney said...

have fun! We decided to wait another semester to start Dora in preschool...I'm sleeping much better now, thank you. :)

Mom Mattocks said...

Ness.....those kids are about as cute as they could possibly be...they are really growing up so fast....I was struck when looking at Mattie's picture ....after being with Dora...there is a family resemblence going on here.....Calvin is a handsome little very precious they are.

akr said...

oh...i love the start of school...i really miss it! Those two are getting more and more grown up looking!

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