Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Easily Amused.

As one who does not get out much, I can say that it doesn't take much to chirk me up. Here are some of the things that I really have loved about today:

are on day two of dryness.
...and I didn't buy any diapers today. I'm thrilled and amazed. As I recall, I think she had a little growth spurt, which may have made it all possible. My life just got a LOT easier!

It's garbage day...I just love those garbage men...I swear I'm gonna give them cookies at Christmas...the crap they take out of my way is nothing short of amazing. And hubby gets all kinds of bonuses and fringe benefits when he takes out the trash...I just love an empty trash can. It means I can throw more stuff in it and out of my sphere of concern. Sigh of relief!!!

We have food! Okay, I get it...I'm obsessed with grocery shopping. It's like a sport. As one of the few bills I can actually control, I am highly motivated to beat the budget, put more junk in the trunk, and use the least amount of money possible. (I must have gotten this from my mother who regularly fed 6 hungry people with 40 dollars a week). Anyway...I saved $20.00 with coupons today!!!! I rock! High five me!!!! WHoo HOoo! And I even got name-brand cereal, my favorite brand of pickles, and organic deli meat. And did I mention I came in under budget to begin with? Oh yeah...sweet.

I guessed the right size for the air filter. This may not seem like a big deal to those of you with no central air, but there are about 46 sizes to choose from and I nailed it. (and oh, yeah, the garbage men took away the freaky one that was supposed to be changed 2 months ago.) I think I'll take up breathing again.

There is light! I really, really, really HATE being in the dark. Did I mention I don't like dim lighting? I don't. I don't like dim lights at all. Especially not in the room I work in the most. After three months of cooking in the dark, I finally remembered to get light bulbs for the kitchen light fixture. This takes bulbs the size of Christmas lights and for months now, that is all that has been vaguely glowing above me. I now have 60 watts of power times 3, so I can actually see again. I could just stand there...looking at all the dirt...from the freaky air-filter.

Legal pads. I don't know why, but this is the only way I can think. (This quirk...from my dad). Seriously, I ran out of legal pads a bout two weeks ago and haven't had a cogent thought since. I couldn't make a menu or a grocery list...so I went to Walmart, bought the legal pads, and then let Charleigh play in McDonald's so I could get my thoughts organized. It's a sickness, but for now, I'm okay. (Don't get me started on pens...)

So there you go. I know they are very little things. But they make me happy.


courtney said...

"...these are a few of my fa-vor-ite things..." come on, sing with me!
Totally understand the legal pad thing (fortunate to have hubby in law school--it's like running a pharmacy and popping vicatin).
And congratulations again on Charleigh....Dora told me today that she'll NEVER poop on the potty...I give up!

Heidi said...

I'm right there with you on the food thing. If it was a national sport I'd make it to the finals = )

Ron said...

Oh, I can soooo relate to the legal pads.

gerbmom said...

and I can relate to the dim lights. why, oh why, if it bugs me so much do I ALWAYS forget to buy new bulbs????

ash said...

ahhhhhh! legal pads! adam just bought a 5 pack for the studio.....as i sit here at home i see 3 of them in my music room...ooooh! plus one in the book closet....

must make list of items to return to adam...

courtney said...

oww, lists...I LOVE lists...I list everything...on my stolen legal pads...you know what else is great? MINI legal pads!!!

dansdesk said...

Vanessa, I sure am enjoying your blog entries. You are an excellent writer and describe well the adventures of life with three little ones and ministry as well. Hope you're doing well. I've added you to my blogroll. Take care. Dan Ghramm

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