Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

We spent a relaxing day at home for the fourth. It is amazing and wonderful that our kids are now old enough to watch cartoons while we sleep in. Dad mowed the lawn and got the pool cleaned up after days of rain, and Mom spent the day in the kitchen making a scratch lemon merangue pie to go with Robb's amazing grilled chicken, which I served with Shamrock sauce ala' our favorite Irish restaurant, Claddagh's, cornbread casserole, my becoming-legendary-baked beans, kosher dills, and sweet tea.
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After feasting, we piled into the car to get a spot for the fireworks. It is also amazing and wonderful to me that the older two are now getting old enough to learn card games. So we played a couple of hands of Phase Ten, until it got dark, I took this cute picture, the fireworks started, and then KID NUMBER ONE decided she HAD to go potty....
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Amazingly enough, there was a lull in the display while they tried to sinc up the pyrotechnics with the music, which lasted exactly the amount of time it takes for a seven year old to empty her bladder, so nobody missed anything. They were much better fireworks than last year and we managed for the first time to get all three kids to watch them without tears. Charleigh did cover her ears the whole time, but after it was all over and we were headed home, she decided she liked them very much.

Hope you all had a great day too.


Claddagh's Shamrock sauce:
one stick of butter
one small bottle of Green Tobasco sauce
1/4 cup honey
1Tbsp cinnamon

melt all this together in a small saucepan and coat your chicken liberally just before you are done grilling, and again when you serve it.

Becoming-Legendary Baked Beans:
To your basic 2 cans of Pork and Beans add...
1 Tbsp Onion powder
Pepper to taste
1/2 cup Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
1 heaping TBSP Horseradish (this gives the beans a little kick that you always hope from the onion but never get otherwise)

Cornbread Casserole:
1 box of Jiffy cornbread mix
1 can creamed corn
1 can (i use frozen corn in equal part to the creamed corn) corn
several dollups of sour-cream

mix and bake in a 9x13 for about an hour at 350



courtney said...

its funny you were making corn casserole cause so was I! a la Paula Dean of course....I threw in some chopped chives and a little sharp cheddar for a little something extra and Dora eventually decided it wasn't bad.

Jae said...

Sweet Baby Ray's is THE BEST!

You've got the legendary beans, I've got the legendary broccoli cornbread... I promise to share my recipe - soon!

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