Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deaths come in Threes....

Deaths come in threes, I've always heard. And this is what has died on me: my one-handed coffee pot. I made a pot of lovely vanilla coffee this morning with fresh ground beans, only to find the light blinking and the coffee pee-warm. I couldn't turn it on or off and simple had to unplug it.

Before the demise of my most trusty appliance, the smoothie-maker bit it. The motor actually still worked, but the parts refused to come unscrewed, making it impossible to clean. When it got moldy in all kinds of funky places, it went to the curb. The spout had broken long ago, and there was just something too degrading about continuing to use it with a piece of saran wrap stretched over the spout and the funky mold.

Finally, the weed whipper is dead. I bought it at a garage sale for 5 dollars and I loved it and used it a LOT. When I made hubby do the weed whipping last week while I made a pie, the poor thing just mysteriously gave up the ghost. I'm not saying the two things are related, but I'm not ruling out foul play.

It's just sad.


Hannah said...

Have you actually heard the saying "Death comes in threes" anywhere other than Grey's Anatomy?

ness said...

sure....we pastored churches with elderly people before we came here.


klasieprof said...

Fucking ungrateful appliances...bastard electronics, crap hole weed whippers...I got Don a STIHL for his Bday...first one that's worked worth a damn. ..yah..and here I am wondering if it violates God's will in "Finances God's way" if I throw out yesterday's coffee to make a cheap French roast brew.
I'm not liking much right now. I feel like I'm back praying about what kind of toothpaste the "Holy Spirit" wants me to buy, or which way I should turn on roads. Very weird place. HELP ME. I'm submitting to the pissy tears I've been restraining for days.

courtney said...

ours is not appliance deaths right now, it's fish--mostly just the fish I picked out so I've got it out for Ron's fish right now. The worst of it is that Dora has caught on and instead of being sad that the fish die, she's been cheering on the living fish to eat more. I'm raising a minion, I think.

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