Saturday, July 07, 2007

6 Years Ago...

...A very grouchy and wrinkled little man came into my life. He rarely smiled and frequently informed Robb and I of our shortcomings as parents. That first year was kind of a blur. But as he reached each new milestone...teeth, walking, talking...his attitude really improved. He still gets up at 5:30 a.m. nearly every morning. He still has my Dad's blue eyes. He still informs us of our shortcomings as parents, but now he does it in a really cute and polite way. The other morning, he told me, "Mom, I don't want a big fancy gift from you for my birthday. I just want a hug." He was quick to inform Robb that he did want a big gift from him. He is funny and smart and sweet. He is relentless and always hungry and can never be in the moment because he is always thinking about what will happen next(Who do you think he got that from?). I never thought it was possible to feel this way about a person, but I am totally smitten by this guy. Look at these pics...can you blame me? Happy Birthday, Vinny. I love you.


klasieprof said...

SWHHEETT!!! Yah ain't got no money...I"ll hit up the deep pockets!! LOL.
Congrats little Vin. You make our hearts go pitter pat.
Joy is six too!!
Good "job" mom! I'm VERY proud of you, every day...even when you don't take him to ER. LOL!!!

You are loved.
and no...I'm NOT drunk--I just can't sleep!(3:20 a.m.)

sara said...

yeah i get that feeling he's going to break some hearts when he gets older :)

Amber said...

He is such a little stud!

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