Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whatcha doin' tonight?

Tonight we got together with people from church to play some games. We played Settlement, and I had fun even though it took me awhile to get the hang of it.

Last night, we met up with team-memberss to revisit the likely future home of VF...more to come on that. Earlier in the day, I met with ladies to plan the Bible Study/Book Club groups that will begin meeting this summer.

On Monday, we had our psuedo-annual VF business meeting and added Danber to the leadership team (board...what are we?) officially and did some other work, which I will also write about later.

Sunday, of course, was church and Father's Day and we had lunch with my hilarious brother and friends Robin and Kim.

I frankly forget what happened Saturday because that was so long ago. But I will say that tomorrow I'm not so sure about, or Saturday, but Sunday is church and our "medium not small" group will be coming over to bbq and hang out. Tuesday will be the mixer for the ladies Bible Study/book club, Thursday we'll be cleaning toilets for our next servant evangelism project (and I am pretty excited about it) Friday is Sara's bridal shower, and Sunday, we get to paint the cement horse outside the local florist's shoppe to advertise Vintage....(and no, painting the horse is NOT an euphemism for anything).

All that to say, my life is all tangled up with these people and my world is revolving around being with them and living life together...and I'm pretty happy about that. What a difference a year makes.

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akr said...

I love those times!

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