Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Bank was Robbed

Out with Hubby last night, we needed to stop at the bank for a much needed deposit, but found it being ribboned with police tape, with more police cars screaming into the parking lot. A week ago, at about that time we were there, getting turned down for refinancing on our house in MI...they have casual Fridays, hand out free popcorn and coffee and just generally have a lot of people streaming in and out. I couldn't imagine why someone would pick that time of day...there would be a lot of witnesses.

So we went to the bank in Walmart to make our deposit, and I asked the clerk what was happening. "They got robbed," he replied with a head bob.
"Wow, what is somebody that time of day?" I wondered allowed.
"They can't be actually thinkinig" the clerk replied.

and than I made him laugh...

"Yeah, robbing a bank..that is just so cliche."

well, it is.

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