Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Man

It's been a helluva week. And My Man has been a rock:

He got less than stellar news that his "promotion" at work is looking more like a lateral slide and said, "That's okay...this job is not my life...."

He ran the rehearsal and married our friends Heather and Justin in Eureka Springs on Friday and Saturday night. He made me cry with his sweet words.

His powerbook won't start up. This is bad, friends...Most of what happens at Vintage is on that piece of technology. It concked out in response to a certain five year old trying to download Curious George videos and who knows what else...But Hubby just took a break and took aforementioned five-year-old to the store with him.

And then there is the little matter of our worship leader quitting in response to a personality conflict.
Read that again.

I'm not going to say anything else right now because I just...can't. But my husband has handled this situation with great honor and wisdom....

So just so you get the timeline:
He got the bad news at work,
worship leader quit,
wedding rehearsal (and what was supposed to be a relaxing over-night-get-away for us) and the wedding,
the laptop quit,
wedding reception
and then a very early morning getting a tough sermon together.

Women get all kinds of credit for being so complicated and mysterious. But I have to say that men, and in particular, My Man, is just as complex and mysterious to me, especially in dealing with all the egos, insecurities and fears of the people around him...and he has managed to harness his own anxiety so that he can deal with our current troubles with courage and effectiveness. I can't tell you how much I respect him for that.

I said once that I never wanted to marry a jock because I didn't want to cheer them up after a bad game. But this week, I shaved my legs-even above the knees- put on some makeup and got out my pom-poms. Sometimes, it really is my job just to stand around and look pretty.


klasieprof said...

Yah..that..and put out.....LOL.

Love ya.
"Pray for peace and prosperity, for you and the town you live in, for as it prospers you will also".

Won't it be exciting to see how God works this stuff out.

Sara said...

I'm glad that i get to have pre-marital counseling with you show me so much about what being a good wife takes.

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