Monday, May 14, 2007

He's Really Here

For those of you who have secretly thought that I was making up the fact that I have an older brother, here he is. He's here in my house as we speak and will be moving into his condo sometime in the near future...(and if Charleigh poops in her pants while we are out and he's hanging out with the kids AGAIN, I bet it will be sooner, rather than later!)

Not since college have I lived in the same town as one of my's great to have family here, and it's great to have the chance to get reacquainted now that we are mature adults, and much more unlikely to hog the bathroom, give noogies, and make fun of one another's "Tiffany" and "Kirk Cameron" posters.

His name is Ron, but heretofore, he will be referred to as my kids call him, (to differentiate from their other uncle Ron) "Uncle Pookie."

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courtney said...

Hey, Pook, remember me? the sister you DON'T call. Got laid off for the summer--waiting by the phone. Come on, call your sister sometime. I'm fun and I won't make you change Dora's diaper :)

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