Sunday, February 04, 2007

You know that feeling???

You know...
that sense that there is so much to do
and not enough time to do it in...

that something enormous might happen at any moment

that the other shoe might drop

that something has to happen to break the frozen quiet

cabin fever and too much coffee

like an alien might burst out of your chest at any moment

like maybe you should scream or cry or sleep or something....

do you know that feeling?

I feel like that sometimes.

So I put on my headphones and blast music
I dance around like a maniac
I clean things or jump on the bed or do situps

I want to drive until I can't drive anymore

I pray

I try to breathe

I swear I'll drink decaf

What do you do?

....or maybe it's just me.


courtney said...

having that feeling right now is Ron. We're trapped TRAPPED in this frozen wasteland and nothing good is perceptibly happening right now and I feel absolutely CRAZY inside. I've had a chef die this week and the union filed a grievance against me. The boss doesn't know where he wants me and it's never never never going to get warm again. Can't quit the coffee, can't leave Pittsburgh, can't quite get the grout clean in the well-worn bathroom. I need a revolution; I need SOMEONE else to shake the snowglobe.
So, what am I gonna do? I'm gonna pray my guts out again and try to convince myself that slow and steady will eventually win the race...

sara said...

Sometimes i really do just go for a very long drive...but then i get low on gas and have to turn around.

We need to make a date...

How about coffee Saturday treat? I'll even pick you up.

ness said...

sounds great....I'll pencil it in.

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