Friday, January 19, 2007

It's 4:13 p.m., Friday Afternoon...

met a friend for coffee
hit two thrift stores
lunch with hubby

talked to a friend I haven't talked to in ages
answered an email from a ebayer in my hometown
called my dad to see if said buyer is at all wacko
but dad said, "he's a great person." mom said,
"if you didn't know him, you might think, wacko."

kids come home with great report cards
house is a disaster with packing supplies from yesterdays shipment
the dog has peed somewhere....
can smell it but can't find it...

laundry pile
what's for dinner?
WOW, that window is dirty with the late afternoon sun shining through it
three important emails to answer

kids are bickering over styrofoam airplane and the last piece of candy from
last week's pirate-theme birthday party
Hubby is calling with questions about tomorrow's plans

we need to get some groceries
Sara's coming soon for a haircut
there are literally five permission slips and three requests for money
for field trips and the Valentine's party to fill out

Cover me,
I'm going in....


Anonymous said...

I'd cover you but i'm apart of that to do Good luck with that.

Amber said...

you're always so funny!! have a great weekend! ;)

courtney said...

you forgot to mention potty train little willforce, listen to crazy younger sister and retain sense of humor :) love ya

akr said...

you are so helping me get ready for parenthood!

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