Tuesday, January 23, 2007


You've got to check out what my friend Donna is up to. Not only will you find a fun superhero test on the top of her blog, but also tons of information on her new mission from God. A long time advocate of the easy-to-ignore people of the U.S. (handicapped, prisoners, foster kids) she is now working to prepare for a trip to help the orphans of Russia. She will spend two weeks there teaching on recruiting and retaining adoptive parents for the massive population of abandonded orphans. While China is closing the option of adopting little girls, Russia is becoming convinced that a system that causes 60 percent of its "graduates" to commit suicide or enter prostitution for survival, just isn't working.

And yes, this is my friend who had a recent bout of debilitating illness and still isn't 100 percent well. But she has this crazy idea that one person can make a difference. I'm so proud of her!


courtney said...

I'm spiderman! although that tied with Iron Man and was just shy of catwoman...not bad. I'm definately NOT the flash or green latern though :)

carahinojosa said...

I think God is putting it on our hearts to foster again. I may not be going into this kicking and screaming, but I'm close...fostering is HARD! On the ride home from taking the kids to school this morning I was listening to our local Christian radio station. They had an attorney on talking about adoption and fostering. Then I 'just happen' to check your blog today. Hmmm...clarification, or coincidence?!?

Our church is about to start a series on Song of Solomon!

ness said...

Hey Cara!

you fostered before? It IS really hard, I know...though we had it relativly easy. My heart just goes out to anybody who even attempts it. It is really "pure religion." I feel like God has either closed the door or said "wait" to us right now, but I continue to think about it. God bless you, whatever you decide!

courtney said...

Reading Donna's blog really does challenge one to really consider fostering and adoption. wow. what a huge opportunity! For those of you who are involved, God bless you!

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