Friday, November 24, 2006

Now THAT was a holiday!

The Marshall's hosted our Thanksgiving feast yesterday and may I just say, that was the slickest, calmest, most relaxing holiday I have had in a long time? The kids were well behaved at the table, I ate until I thought I might explode, and the effects of the turkey and wine completely overwhelmed me; honestly, I didn't know it was possible to sleep that well on somebody else's couch! I didn't lift a finger to clean was all whisked away before I could make a move. The food was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC....kudos to A for all his culinary accomplishments and Jaye T's decorations were simply lovely. Mattie even got her fill of mashed potatoes! It was a great day with not an ounce of drama...exactly what the doctor ordered.

It is 20 hours later and I think I might be able to manage a piece of pie.


klasieprof said...

Exactly as ours was. My mom came over....NOBODY else, no interlopers seeking drama, very quiet. Made turkey in my new Roaster, Don had the day off which I didn't know about...I had assmbeld a lot the day before as I get tired easy, Joy and Helena made the Deviled eggs, and Just the basics.
Turkey, Dvl eggs, mashed tatos gravy, Forgot bread, no veggies.
then..>Settled in and we all watched "the Polar Express". add to that a new CSI..and it was great.

A said...

I think you might have hit the nail on the head with the "not an ounce of drama" observation. I think that is what set yesterday apart from many others. No drama is good.

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