Friday, October 13, 2006

WHAT is this thing????

I've spent awhile trying to figure out what this is...besides a cream pitcher, obviously. It is milk glass, or maybe alacite or custard has a different quality than my fire king mugs or other kinds of milk glass. There is no mark on the base. The image is of a monk who has tripped and fallen on the floor with a basket of eggs, I think. The other monk is wagging his spoon at the man on the floor. Obviously the condition is less than stellar, but it was so odd, I had to have it. It's about 5 inches tall and I found it in the thrift store in NY with Amy this summer. Can't make heads or tails of this and I really want to list it, but thought I'd throw it out to ya'll first for your opinions.


tammi said...

I have no idea.

Do you know if "Antique Roadshow" is passing by anywhere near you? I bet you have a bunch of stuff to show them that could result in a rather large and comfortable financial hammock for you and your family. :)

courtney said...

Could it be a shaving mug? It seems kind of manly, you know. Although it probably wouldn't have a spout then, would it?

akr said...

so did you find anything out about this??

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