Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, THAT was embarrassing

I was sitting at church yesterday, holding Charleigh and chatting with another Dad who was holding his two little ones. I had never met him before and we were just getting acquainted while Charleigh was industriously unbuttoning my cardigan sweater. All of sudden I realized she had moved on to unbuttoning my shirt. The shirt had four buttons and she was working on number 2 before I felt the draft!

So later in the day, I decided to go out and attempt to buy some articles of clothing for myself that were made in the 2000's. (This after cleaning out my closet out of..boredom...because my husband has been around all weekend being SO helpful; I'm not used to all this help and time...but that's for another post). While driving to Old Navy, I thought it would be a good time to check in on my friend, who is in the hospital. I called information for the number and then got the switchboard and asked for her room. I was five minutes into the conversation before the person on the other end said, "WHO is this?" Not Donna. Oops.

So a little flustered, I thought, she must be out of the hospital and I hit a speed-dial number to call her cell. Unfortunately, I hit the wrong one. A man answered in the midst of a lot of noise and I thought, maybe Don is answering her phone....

The man on the other end proceeded to get very nasty with me. "Look, you've called here before...WHO are you trying to call????"

Me, even more flustered, realized I had called my sister's old number in Tennessee, which I have called once before. "I'm sorry, I have the wrong number." I said apologetically.

"This is getting old!" he growled, hanging up.


So, I called Don at home, got the number, called it, and got the recording that said the number has been disconnected. Argh.

Of course, I'll be trying again, but I have to say, I'm a little nervous that I have actually lost the abilility to work the phone or keep my clothes on in public for that matter.

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courtney said...

don't fret on the calls to TN, Sis. I get them all the time and they are less than polite to me even though THEY called the wrong number. It's karmic justice. As for embarrassing clothing situations, I came home from work last week after making a batch and a half of cheesecakes and had been wearing my chef whites instead of baker's whites (thank goodness!) and realized that I had splashed myself with custard all over my "nether regions"...choc custard. Nice. Fortunately I wasn't in baker's whites or there would have been no way around looking like I had crapped myself in royal fashion!
kids and boobs in public--what is it about that?

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