Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hanging in there....

After three days of straight up frustration, I'm still hanging in there. Yesterday, I took Charleigh for her shots, which only required:

two reschedules
frantic search lasting approximatly one solid day for old immunizatin record
phonecall to old dr.'s office for a copy of her immunization record that I lost
phonecall to the MI courthouse for paperwork proving Charleigh's name change
check to courthouse for certified copy.
trip to FCS to pick up faxed copy of paperwork
2 hour wait at clinic where I was the only caucasian in a room of about 35 people...a good experience but also a little uncomfortable
tounge-lashing from clinic for attempting to use wrong insurance (I've never used either kind of insurance we have)
trip home to retrieve correct insurance card

I also lost Mattie's immunization record (okay not lost, by both mis-layed in the same wrong location as Charleigh's) and while searching for that I found the DVD we were supposed to return to the library last December.

And somehow Calvin's kindergarten physical paperwork never made it into his file, so I found that too and took it to his school nurse.

I used to be so organized. Now I'm just a loser. When I called my parents to vent, my dad said, "Well, honey, what do you expect when you move 8 times?" Yeah, that'll be my excuse.

But on a good note, the buyer of the chair accepted the refund I sent for the lost chair coil, so hopefully that saga will be over.

Oh, I and I forgot to say that Charleigh didn't cry and didn't even flinch with her three shots. She was still giggling at the nurse after the first one and completely forgot about the other two when she saw the "Boots the Monkey" sticker they offered her for her troubles.

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