Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wild Kingdom

So because Robb is away for a couple of days at a Managers Conference (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS), we have been taking the Two Shoe Express to and from school. This is a good way to see things you normally wouldn't if you were in the car.

On our way there yesterday, we found a dead bullfrog the size of a small chicken. It was only recently dead, and actually looked very much alive. Mattie was pretty freaked out, but Vin and I found it pretty cool. Seriously, it is sitting in the grass and would easily fill a dinner plate, it is so big. I don't know how it got there, why it died, but I have to guess old age.

On the way home yesterday, a chocolate lab, probably still a puppy based on his fairly uncoordinated movements, followed us all the way home. He was a very cheerful fella, and basically well behaved. We kept him out of the busy street and he bobbled along and hung out with us for a while at home. Sid was not please at all. He did have a collar, so I assume he had some place to be, but I couldn't help liking him inspite of his propensity for drool.

Once inside, Mattie let out a shriek from the bathroom. There in the corner...and don't ask me how these guys get there...was one of the hairy spiders, the size of a half-dollar. I hate them. I hate killing them. I literally can feel the life-force leave the universe because they are so big. I feel like I'm killing a small bird. I smacked it dutifully with a fly swatter. But, you know, that sometimes only dazes them and I didn't want this one waking up later, all ticked off at me and ready to jump at my throat and suck my blood. So I took it outside to Jackson.

Jackson is the humongous yellow and black dude that lives in our backyard. I know that he is a good guy and that he eats a lot of the flies that plague us and so I put up with him, even though if I get too close, a cold chill runs down the back of my neck. Jackson has grown A LOT since setting up camp out there, when the kids first named him. I soon learned why. I tossed the dazed spider carcass at the web and within seconds, Action Jackson had shimmied up the web, wrapped the body in multiple layers of silk and began having a buggy smoothie. It was something, I tell you.


klasieprof said...

So, People who eat people are called * cant think of it*, what are spiders who eat other spiders?

tammi said...


and spiders who eat other spiders are called: disgusting.
and their entire species should be wiped from the face of the earth. along with fire ants, and mosquitoes.

I don't do bugs. I think I need a blanket from the chills I now have all over my body. ugh.

ness said...


r&b&cdog said...

Ness, your mother read your description of the frog and the spiders and the food chain and cracked that lol?

courtney said...

your spider outside is actually a good friend to you--he's an orb spider and he actually guards a certain perimeter of your house, eating other spiders, including black and brown widow spiders so leave him be. We had a few in Tenn. so Ron (geek boy that he is) researched them to make sure they weren't waiting for our souls. As for the frog, well, you ARE kinda close to Texas and everything grows big in Texas (I don't think that's necessarily a biological fact).
Mom, you can lol all you want!

ness said...

Today we got followed home by a pregnant Boston Terrier.

Am I emitting some kind of odor?

Oh wait, maybe they are trying to find Sara with her Bunny blood perfume.

Hi mom!

ash said...

ron and bon and chloe-dog too! so glad you've finally joined in, mom!

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