Thursday, August 24, 2006

We are not good people,
but you have made us good.
We don't deserve anything from you,
but you choose to bless us.
We struggle with our needs,
but You can provide when You choose to.

We want to believe that you use what is broken
chipped and imperfect
To do your beautiful work.

In my head I hear..

"You are not holy."
"You are not good."
"You don't meet the standard"
"You do not belong"
"You have disgraced the name Christian"
"You play fast and loose with the Truth"
"Shame on you"

So if it is true
What I've heard about You, God...
That you actually love the broken and imperfect

the self-absorbed
comfort seeking

Then please use us.
Please do something good with us.
Please make something beautiful out of us.
Make us part of your story...
Your fairy tale

Happily ever after.


klasieprof said...

amen, and amen. post modernists even SAY amen? oh well. Amen anyway. Use me Lord.
Use Us Lord
Wear us out for you.

A said...


Robb said...

True that.

Sara said...

Couldn't have said it better myself

Darla said...

this is so absolutely beautiful.... it is amazing to me that He does use us, such broken up, messed up people... so glad He puts up with our silliness.

did you make this mosaic? i'll be so impressed if you did... it's very lovely....

ness said...

oh,how I wish I did! This is actually for sale online. If you click on the pic, you can find her site. I just loved the image. : )

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