Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Making a Dent....

So yesterday, I barricaded myself into the childrens' rooms and got them cleaned and organized, including weeding out the things they've grown out of (about half of Vin's pants!) and getting their clothes ready for the next season. I must have picked up at least 100 different Polly Pocket parts, which, as the name implies, are miniscule. Now both rooms are clean and organized and poor Sara actually has a niche for her belongings. She's still living out of her suitcase, but at least she has some inkling now which clothes are clean.

I also photographed 20 different lots of kids and baby clothes to list. I have been in a massive funk lately for ebay and haven't been able to list much. I think this may have something to do with the job interview I went to on Saturday, which I now have decided was a 10 on the creepy scale. I was so enamored by the idea that actually could earn 10 dollars an hour doing something I know how to do, I kind of missed the fact that it was a skeevy place to work. Hindsight, you know.

Robb's job continues to be a massive pain in the neck. For those who don't know, the COO decided awhile ago that he wanted someone with a lot of retail managerial experience, so the job was not offerred to Robb, even though he has been doing a fantastic job as interim manager according to his regional manager. So far the RM has offerred the job to three people who have all turned it down, and he is in town today interviewing. He confessed to Robb that he has a bad attitude about hiring anyone else and thinks that Robb is the very best person for the job. He has been given a deadline of Sept. 15th to find someone, and is hoping that if he doesn't find someone more qualified he can indeed offer it to Robb afterall. Robb also dropped off resume's to two other places this week, one of which he really liked. He has an interview with them on Monday at 2:00.

On the house front, we have fulfilled our five years under a rural development grant and we can now refinance to an interest only payment, since we aren't really interested in owning the house outright. This will of course, cut our payments nearly in half. Because the market is so bad, but is promising to improve with time, we are seeking renters for a year or two. By that time, we may be able to sell the house for a profit. Even our realtor thinks this is a good plan.

Sara is now neatly ensconced here and meeting some friends, but the lodging situation isn't perfect. Vin goes to sleep in his bed and when Sara is ready to go to sleep, she moves him to the couch and sets the TV to watch cartoons in the morning. This seems to be working so far, but isn't exactly ideal. If we just had one more room....I'd keep Sara forever. Yesterday, while I cleaned the kids rooms, she made lunch for them, cleaned the living room, scrubbed the bathroom, mopped the floors and vacuumed. You should have seen me...I was like on cloud nine with all that clean. Sara is hoping to hear from her first choice job any day now. This would be a great opportunity for her, even though it requires torturing bunnies.

We are also still operating with one car. It's working somehow for now, but with school starting soon, it's about to get a little sticky...especially when Sara gets another job (she is currently roughing it at the bookstore with Robb).

Vintage Fellowship is about to be in full swing. We have one more preview service this month and then we launch weekly services after Labor Day. I think we are a little giddy about this. I am really looking forward to the centering effect of weekly church life. I have missed having this as the core of our lives. I feel like we are about to put on something very normal and needed that we have been without for a long time. And oh, yeah, it's going to be a huge amount of work :)

So that's what's going on for you my friends who I really need to call and just haven't had a chance (Amy and Shari, you know who you are : )

We'll keep you posted!


akr said...

It's good to feel like you've at least made a small dent in things...check out my blog for an update on us.

Darla said...

"we are also still operating with one car. It's working somehow for now, but with school starting soon, it's about to get a little sticky..."

it was SO good to finally talk to you the other night. you have encouraged me beyond words. i hope we can talk again soon. things are starting to look up here, as we might actually have a contract on the house... so if things start moving quickly, i'm hoping we can help you out with your car situation! :-) i pray that we can work this out.

ness said...

Darla, I smile everytime I think about our was just so timely. You may have a contract on the house? That's amazing! We have a renter doing some paperwork, so we are hoping too...

And if the car thing worked out, I just wouldn't be able to put into words...

It's like GOD himself is working on our behalves. How amazing is that?

Let's chat again soon!

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