Saturday, August 05, 2006

If you even wondered who Courtney is....

she is my adorable sister, three years my junior. She brandishes a rapier wit, a heart of gold and could cook your socks off with a bag of flour and some other magic she throws in.

And here is her adorable daughter Dora, who's rose-petal complexion must be aided by her strange diet. Here she contemplates a tiny frog.

Later she settles for a pill bug as a snack.

Finally, the two-year-old-power-grand-daughter-team of Dora & Charleigh with Poppa. Yep, this guy is wrapped, just like he was with my two sisters and I.


ness said...

I had a dream I was blinded by a strong light. I realize now the dream was the result of my looking at this pic, remembering how mom didn't know how to turn off the flash. I saw spots for hours.

Courtney said...

and I was pointing at the spot on your shirt. You're a silly, sweet big Sis. I love ya!
ps. did you get to try the jam?

ness said...

jam good.

courtney said...

sweet (ah, I'm sooo punny)
tried out the ol'job today...I feel like a super spy. I'm like an undercover agent in the baking world or something...maybe I can write a book out of this!

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