Tuesday, June 06, 2006

new house, different plague

well, the ants of the Hollyhock House are no longer our problem.

the flies of what Robb calls "Tiny Manor" are a different story. I have two fly swatters and a body-count you'd never believe.


A said...

OK, that picture is disgusting. Far closer than I've ever wanted to view a fly. Flashbacks of Jeff Goldbloom in "The Fly" are haunting me . . .

Shari Ann said...

I agree with Aaron. That is a nasty pic. Way more than I ever needed to see.

ash said...

you need some lizards! should i send you some itty bitty ones in a box?

klasieprof said...

Well Fly season is in full swing in Michigan..and the BEST although GROSSEST thing to work..Yep..what granny used..Those long sticky Yellow fly paper sheets..you can count the bodys by the hour.
OR get a good rubber band gun and mark the kills on your butt. OOPs I mean..the guns butt.

ness said...

if you can promise the lizards wont climb on the front of the tv screen, i'll take about 10 please.

flystrips, check.

smeared windows, check.


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