Wednesday, June 07, 2006

just a quick update...

so the first service for Vintage is days away, and we are just stumbling and plowing our way through. I just have to tell you all about an amazing thing...

up until last night we had NO CHILDCARE lined up. A big secret, but a true one that had been keeping us lying awake at night in a panic. Frankly, the marshalls and ryerses were all booked up with other aspects of the service and didn't know how we were going to cover this massive area of need. We continued to alternately strike out and huddle in fear in the corner until ....

BAM! A guy we met at the info meeting invited us to dinner at his house last night and we met his family who were like old friends. Not only did our kids have a blast playing with their three kids, not only did we have an absofabulous meal off the grill, but they are taking the burden of childcare off our backs for this service. They are skilled, experienced, fun, and oh-so-very capable. Rarely do we meet people willing to do The Crazy for the kingdom.

Yes, God is seldom early and never late.

wheewww. Now pray for the nursery workers.

I'm still just so amazed.

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klasieprof said...

GOD. Just in time.

See maybe Thats where the Japanese came up with the "JIT" inventory Strategies.
(about the Only thing I remember from 2 times through Economics at CMU).

ajvdu: the avenue next to the gym

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