Saturday, May 13, 2006

Getting off this roller coaster....

I think...I THINK...we might be getting off the housing roller coaster. We filled out the application for a nice little dollhouse of a rental. We asked for a flexible lease in the case the house sells, and they offered to take the rent down another 50 dollars if we'd go for the year. Upon further reflection, we figured we wouldn't want to move around Christmas (again) anyway. It's nice being the sixth graders of renting even though we are the 7th graders of house-buying.

The house is one of the newer small subdivision houses, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a one car garage, all the appliances including washer and dryer, a "real" not gas fireplace, a small fenced back yard for Sid, and it sits on a "knuckle" which is a cul-de-sac with an elbow : ) There is no way in Hades that my massive furniture collection will fit in it (believe me, I moved furniture in my sleep all night!) but we figure a massive garage sale will go over pretty well. The neighborhood is very nice, looks to be heavily Hispanic, which is fine by us, since we are 20 percent Hispanic ourselves : ) The other houses are clean and neat and full of icecream truck drove through while we were there. It reminds me of Westwind Estates, actually. An almost-new elementary school is about a mile away and it is a 10-15 minute drive for Robb to work. There is also a community park and fishing pond two blocks over. It is in the southern part of Springdale, which is the school district we wanted but is close to Fayetteville, which is the town I like best. No more "all day drives" as the kids call them, I can drop Robb at work, do a few estate sales, go home and inventory, put on some dinner, throw in a load of laundry and go pick him up again.

The ad has been in the paper for a while, I just never called it for some reason. It was low on the list and I usually pooped out before I got to it. I actually made quite a few excuses for NOT calling about it.

I think that this might be a way to get our feet under us, which would be a great thing. I am stressing a bit about moving again and all that must be done and figured out, but it will feel good to sleep in my own bed again.

I don't really even remember what we have and what we gave away in the dark...gonna find out soon!

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Shari Ann said...

That is so exciting! I'm glad it is finally coming together.

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