Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, its official.

I'm pretty sure this is a sin, but I'm....


I could do stuff. Housework, etc. but it'll just get dirty again, right?

I think it may have something to do with the fact that I haven't been out of the house since...uhmmmmm....thinking....was it Friday? Yes, it was Friday and I took the kids to what Paul Riser called the "Big Interactive Food Museum"

aka the Grocery Store.

Fun times, man.


Matt Book said...

Take advantage of it. I'm always telling Steph that it's ok to veg or do nothing from time to time. Everybody needs that. Sometimes I'll come home and she'll say, "I didn't do anything today. I could have [blah blah blah] but I really wanted to [relax or whatever]." I always say, "Great! I'm glad you took some time for yourself."

Now, if this happened all the time and she was putting on weight and I had nothing to wear to work and if we didn't have anything to eat, I'd be concerned.

Give yourself permission and hopefully Robb doesn't mind.

Elizabeth said...

wow, i'd go crazy if i hadn't gotten out since friday. yikes. wish you or mom were around...there's lots of garage sales right now.

mukeyjoy said...

well, if being bored is a sin then I'm a big sinner. I think it just comes w/ the territory chick. Isn't it amazing how we can be busy w/ thing after thing after thing(stay at home mom stuff) and not stop once - but still be bored sometimes?

The Shoes of Salvation said...

No you are not a sinner for being bored... and now I am not bored as I have been laughing at the 'Big Interactive Food Museum' comment for the last five minutes. I will have to try that one out on my boys... :)

ness said...

hey PTQ...welcome!

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