Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Struggles: Who to root for?

I have to say, I was quite torn about how to cheer for the game last night (so I slept a bit during the third quarter).

Having grown up in Steeler's country, I am sympathetic to the blue collar, good ol' boys from PA. (My daddy is a rabid fan). Of course, this creates its little tensions since I am married to a guy whose blood runs orange for the Cleveland Browns...(a guy who will tell me that he has loved the Browns longer than he has loved me.) Despite my husbands' claims that I'd be turned out of my bed for rooting for the Steelers, I nevertheless had the feeling that it was their turn. Heinz Ward and Jerome Bettis are both undeniably likeable.

On the other hand, Matt Hasselbecks' parents attended our church in Boston, and quite frankly, I've rarely met a more wonderful person than Matt's mom Betsy. We met together in a small Bible discussion group with two other ladies for several months and I just came to love her to death. Betsy had the reputation in church for being the kind of person you could call on in trouble, and she could swoop in and make things better. One of twelve children and a mother of three strapping boys, she always had a smile on, and instantly made you feel happier just because she was there. I think I mostly watched the game to get a glimpse of her.

I really do think the refs took the game from the Seahawks. Rothlisberger's touchdown in particular seemed a poor call. With that momentum, the Steelers went on to play well in the fourth quarter and finish with the win. I feel badly for the Hasselbecks, but I'm happy for my dad, as long as he doesn't gloat too much!

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