Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The past has taught us...

...that there is never a good reason to doubt God's goodness.

Are you sensing a theme here?

In the last couple of days, I have gotten a pretty good view of the waves we are walking on here and I'm not going to lie and say that I am not terrified and maybe sinking a bit.

If you feel the sudden urge to pick up the phone and cheerlead, please don't. Instead, please pray that I would be able to believe that even if our house sells for a loss, it is not an indication that God is not for us. Yes, you read that right. It feels like if it doesn't sell and put us in a safer financial situation that He is not in this venture. I'm not trying to set out a fleece. I do trust Him. Afterall, who ever heard of people living in a lovely little house for four months for free? And yet, that manna is getting old and I can't help having an appetite for some divine chicken.

So pardon my mixed biblical metaphors and join me in hoping in God.


Sandy Mc said...

Well, this is one I well understand. We waited into our 10th year of marriage to be able to buy our first house, then 2 years later we had to pay about $2000 at the closing to sell it when a job change had us moving to NC. After our time in NC we found ourselves greatful to be in a 700 sq ft place (in our mid-30's with two kids and one on the way) because it allowed us to save a lot of $$. Then God showed His might when it was time to move to MI because THAT house had 2 full price offers in the first 24 hours it was listed! Our 3rd house to sell in MI we set up to sell at the same price we had paid for it 5 years earlier so that it would beat any competition (which placed our listing amt about 10K UNDER our realtor's recommended market value. It sold in 2 weeks while others similar houses in the neighborhood took 3+ months.

Anyway, sorry for the "history lesson"...just wanted you to know we have been there.

I am praying for you guys. The spirit keeps prompting me (against my human choices) to suggest the possibility that God might want you guys to hesitate on the purchasing of a local home and rather to live in an apartment complex where you might have a sphere of influence among the people you seek to invite to be part of Vintage. It would also give you guys options to have access to meeting facilities and such that might come in handy. Please don't be frustrated with me. The idea is not one that terribly appeals to me either...but as I have been out and about in Fayetteville and S Springdale recently I was "looking" for for sale signs on homes thinking of you guys...and the Spirit led me in this other direction.

Heidi said...

We aren't trying to sell a house right now, but boy I am right there with you on this one. My thing is more like can I make it through another pregnancy again (my body doesn't react well to them). How are we going to afford another kid, its tight enough as it is. Can I raise three kids without messing things up?

This is one of those things that God decided, NOT me, so I know that He is going to take care of us in ways that will be exciting to see. Is it just me, or is it easier to say that sometimes than to actually act on it?

All that to say, you're not alone.

courtney said...

Heidi's right, you're not alone and I know you know that. Ron still hasn't heard from any of the law schools he's applied to even though our friends who applied at the same time to many of the same schools already have their decisions and our on their way to the school they wanted....we just want to at least know if we are staying in TN or not....doesn't seem like too much to ask for, right God? huh? please???? oh, wait, this is part of the game. Waiting for glory and joy has a price. darn.
I'm actually relieved that you guys are going through some of the same stuff that we are at the same time. It's not the older sister "I've been there" thing; it's the hold my hand and we'll pray together thing now....and you know I will.

ness said...

I love how women comfort one another. No "Why don't you try..." or "What if you did...." nope...Just the reminder that we're not alone is good enough. No woman expects things to be easy, we just don't want to do it alone.

Sandy...you may have had times of aloneness in the past, but you aren't alone now.

Heidi...definitely been through the SURPRISE! pregnancy. Vin was over a year old before I got used to the idea of him. And of course, he's the most difficult kid I've got, and also the one that makes my heart feel like it's turning into chocolate on a dashboard on a hot day.

Court...so we wait. Together. Wish we could play a couple hands of Dutch Blitz to pass the time.

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