Friday, December 09, 2005

unwarranted enthusiasm

There was this band on Leno last night (I don't usually see Leno, but I fell asleep waiting for Robb to come home from work and then he brought chicken...yummmy...I was so hungry....) So anyway, this band on Leno, I don't know their name, but they were playing this music that I think was supposed to be Christmassy or something, but the lead especially was all excited ....grinning and moving his shoulders while he played the guitar and pursing his lips and closing his he was playing some kind of life-changing, other-worldly music. The back-up singers were dressed in matchy-patchy outfits, swaying and bobbing and I turned to Robb and said (between mouthfuls of chicken)

"I hate unwarranted enthusiasm."

Seriously, it annoys me to death when people are jumping around with the excitement of puppies over stuff that is mediocre. Like

the Jewelery Channel
Christian TV
Professional football cheerleaders (come on...these guys are getting paid six trillion dollars just for putting on their weird football pants and you misguided females think they are going to play any harder because you're all "rah! rah!" and "go team"????)
The McDonald's Arch Card.
I would say all infomercials, but Vin thinks that "Little Giant Ladder" one is the best show he's ever seen....he's watched it like four times.
Brad/Jennifer/Angelina/whoever that guy is that isn't nearly as cute at Brad
Any Disney movie with the number "2" in the title

Yes, unwarranted enthusiasm is a symptom of the fall...just one more way human beings are completely confused about what is good and what is just...not.


don said...

I know what you mean. I especially don't like ads where the taste (or whatever) is so exciting that YOU JUST GOTTA DANCE!!!

ness said...


yeah, my Baptist upbringing put the kabosh to anything like that EVER happening to me.

Elizabeth said...

um, do you actually know anyone who gets excited about those things??? just curious...'cause if they do--people are dumber than i thought!

ness said...

by the commercials, you would think they did!

bvomu: hair product that makes your hair not only voluminous, but also very attractive to bees.

Elizabeth said...

yeah, i guess i forget about commercials--as i don't have tv :)

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