Saturday, December 10, 2005

My grown up Christmas List

I've been fielding a lot of calls lately about what I would like for Christmas, and of course, most of the time when those calls come, I have one child who is trying to pull my pants down in the grocery store and another two who are trying to pull one another's pants down, so of course, I have said what I want for Christmas is better fitting pants....

but upon further reflection I decided to post what I would like for Christmas right here on the blog for everyone's amusement.

1. More flame retardant clothing (see previous post).
2. address labels for ebay packages
3. an address
4. a waffle iron
5. teeth whitener...I figure it's cheaper than a trip to the dentist
6. A potholder. I have one already.
7. "Regenerist" moisterizer. Apparently, I'm drying up like a raisin in the sun, but I would never spend 20 bucks on moisterizer myself.
8. Socks. Make those flame retardant too....just in case.
9. Coffee.
10. A car. Why not? People in commercials get them all the time.

And oh peace.


klasieprof said...

I WANT TEETH whitener strips ALSO!!

I really want the dentist to do it, but I want the strips first.

I want any kind of recognition that what I am doing is worth it.

Digital Camera and That printing thing that prints the pics.


Wine / Champagne
(glasses for each)

several books. I have a new list going.

Undies..(yes..I make sure everyone else has them..I dont)

I want to go to Vegas (dont ask me why I just want to see it for myself..I dont gamble its not that...its just an itch)

gees I didnt know I wanted so much..I could keep going.


Courtney said...

you forgot to mention stricter jail time for parole violators, Ness....gotcha thinkin' about those hot tasty waffles, huh? Yeah, they're sooo good and yummy. Sunday night dinners never were so easy....look in your bag from me---HA HA!!! Yeah, should have posted your darn list earlier, eh?
here's mine:
1.)counter space
2.)force field that I can turn on when too many people are touching me so I can have a time out.
3.)4 extra hours in the morning while everyone else is asleep
4.) 10 pounds of fat OFF my butt
5.)season 5 of the West Wing on DVD
6.)slipper socks so I'll stop wiping out in the kitchen chasing Dora
7.)makeup--you pick it out, I don't know what looks good on me anymore and Ron picked out my old makeup 4 years ago when he knew more about it than I did (he probably still does).
8.) my two front stop mashing together because I never got my wisdom teeth pulled. (what is it with teeth this year?)
9.)a digital camera so I can take really pretty pics of my cakes at home so one day, investors will gladly hand over piles of cash for me to start my bakery
10.) a body double for mondays

.....and world peace

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