Monday, December 19, 2005


Yesterday, Robb and I actually got to spend the day together (Thanks to Charles & Phyllis) shopping for the kids' Christmas presents. I guess it was all that time re-connecting, but the truth came out....


(Insert I-was-right-and-I-knew-it-dance here)

Call me strange, but I find this a little comforting, somehow and I'll tell you why....

#1. I'm glad that Robb has such a good best friend (I knew you had to be in in on A!) that would bail him out of a real doozy of a mistake.

#2. I'm glad I can still read my hubby like a book. Apparently my "Spidey Senses" are still in great working order.

#3. Wow, the bar is low for his birthday....All I gotta do is say "Happy Birthday" on the right day. (That would be January 8th)

And that's the end of it. One of the great things about having a great marriage is being able to get over it. He's a wonderful husband, a loving Dad, and a hardworking employee. We all mess up sometimes, and he has been gracious to me on so many occasions, it's an easy thing to just let this go.


A said...

Thought it would be years before this discussion was had. Swore secrecy to the grave if need be.

Kudos to you for being so understanding and not letting this be a "thing".

One of the top 5 most memorable phone calls I've been involved in:

"Dude, did you forget Vanessa's birthday?"

"No, it's this Friday and I've already got a babysitter all lined up."

"Well, I don't know when her birthday is, but according to her website this morning, it's today."


. . . enough said.

I love you guys.

philgb - the sound Robb made before saying "Oh Crap!"

ness said...

Dude....your a good friend. Glad you could unburden your soul of this dark secret. Made me laugh my head off.

Sara said...

that is rather funny..

courtney said...

robb, robb, robb, poor guy. Don't forget the anniversary, okay? Maybe we should start a phone chain for you in November--start calling at the first of the month to remind you. :)

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