Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I was SO lost

With all of the out-of-control-discussion about "other things" on the blog, I haven't had a chance to blog about this weekend, which was frankly, pretty amazing on many levels.

On Saturday, I dropped Robb off at work and planned to meander home via the scenic route, stopping at any sales we saw. We found a great auction, but prices were going pretty high and the temperature was dropping, so we left early. Stopped at another sale and bought a great faux suede vintage jacket...nice and warm! Next, the AR council of the blind thrift shop. Good prices, not so great junk. And then we proceeded to get VERY lost. I've been displaced before, unfamiliar with where I was, alittle off the beaten track....this is not the case. I was lost....like the time my brother and I got lost in the woods and he vowed with tears that "we're going to die out here." Okay, so maybe not THAT bad, but the engine light was on, we were running out of gas, and the "paved" road I was on gave way to a dirt road, which gave way to a cow path, which, after passing some very unsavory individuals (who were smoking ???) who I opted to NOT ask for directions, gave way to a creek bed. I am not joking...if it had been in the dark, I would have driven into the river. Whereupon, I turned around, backtracked, and finally came out in a circular direction from where I originally turned.

After much prayer and fasting, we made it into a town I recognized by dark. It was an adventure and I learned that roads here are not like in MI...I will be more careful in the future.

These are some of the more intersting places I saw along the way....


courtney said...

I'm suprised you didn't roll down the windows to hear the dueling banjos. It's Arkansas, sweetie, you have to be careful....you might look like somebody's sister down there and who will be able to save you then? hahaha
For once I'm not the only one living in the most red-necked place on earth!!
Ron and I went driving one night back when you could afford to drive your car for fun. I was about 5 months pregnant and the phone hadn't stopped ringing so that was the closest thing to a get-away we could come up with. Anyways, we got super-lost in the middle of the night and I seriously thought one of two things would happen---either we'd be so lost for so long that I'd have to give birth in the car or we were seriously in a horror movie and I was gonna have to run through a bunch of fields and old houses before giving birth in the car....good times

kgietss--better than Kegels

courtney said...

hey, one of the guys at Ron's job asked if he could take Ron's shift for some extra money....can we come early?

xesikpew--new anti-nausea medication

ness said...

yep...what's yer plan?

lolrwu: what you do if you don't take the anti-nausea medicine

courtney said...

leave around noon, get in around 8-ish?

avkzlh--sigh of relief after said nausea problem

klasieprof said...

UMMM>.about the "fasting" part..was that because you didn't have any FOOD in the car??? OR were you going REALLY fast to get away from the Freak boys???

Happy thanksgi!!!ving

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, I love reading your blog.I really understand about gettng lost. I am directionally challenged. Just ask Sandy. I hope you are doing fine. I sure do miss you. It's hard going to church now. Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, What is your mailing address? I mean your snail mail address?

ness said...

Uh..no food in the car.. : ) But I did go pretty fast!

Sally! How are you my friend!? ((HUG)) I don't want to post my address here, but if I send it to your school address will you get it? Oh I miss you!

zgpnxdnp: when my sister is coming in mere hours and I'm dinking on the blog instead of cleaning because the kids would just mess it up anyway.

A said...

Hey, I need you guys' address too. I asked Robb for it via e-mail and haven't received it yet.

If you wouldn't mind, could you remind him to e-mail it to me?


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