Monday, November 07, 2005

Did he forget or is He trying to fake me out???

Today is my 31st birthday (yes, yes, congratulations, I'm old.) Robb is off to work and didn't say a thing to me this morning about it. He has never EVER forgotten a special day in the 13 years I have known him. So I put it to you, friends....let's have a little poll....did he forget, or is he yanking me around?

Evidence for forgetting: He is very busy, and is getting the hang of two new jobs. He is rarely online and has never been one for checking the calendar. He has, in the past, occasionally mixed up my day with his Grandma Valentine's birthday, which is the 8th. Asked me what I had planned for the day, and didn't say, "Oh honey, nobody should have to clean the filthy house, do three loads of laundry and list on ebay on their birthday." I'm a little tiny bit PMSy and he wouldn't dare mess with me.

Evidence for yanking me around: He was very wound up this morning and kept telling me how much he loves me and how great I am. Which, he would know would be very annoying to me if he thought that I thought he had indeed forgotten my birthday. Asked me what I had planned for the day, and said, "Yeah, the house really is a mess isn't it?"

What's your vote?


A said...

Like any of us are going to touch this with a 10 foot pole!!!?!?!?

What is it that football players yell when the kickoff/punt is about to hit the ground and bounce unpredictably so their teammates will run away, "Electricity, electricity!!"

But, despite what may or may not happen with him, Happy Birthday from the Marshalls!

klasieprof said...

A husband was in big trouble when he forgot his
wife's birthday.
His wife told him "Tomorrow there better be something
in the driveway for me that goes zero to 200 in 2
seconds flat". The next morning the wife found a
small package in the driveway. She opened it and found
a brand new bathroom scale.

Funeral arrangements for ROBB have been set for
this Saturday.
XFDAIIIG: the guy you dated that was all nasty, and it was just a mercy date

Anonymous said...

If he forgets, he comes by it from me. Remember I messed up Mars birthday three times with her room mother. That'll never happen again. I vote he forgot!

Sara said...

I think he is messing with your head...that sounds like something Rob would do...

but maybe he did forget..then what will you do..

Happy Birthday!!!!

p.s..i broke my foot..

ness said... did what???????

shqpqy: what you get when Hubby doesn't say happy in I got the shqpqy this morning.

Courtney said...

I think he's messing with you (I hope I hope--since I don't want to have to bring my flak jacket when we come visit). Ron doesn't forget my birthday simply because I annoy him about it for weeks before hand (yes, I'm still in my 20's). On the other hand, the man has forgotten Valentine's Day more often than he's remembered it and--since Dad was always so great about it--I'd dare say my man is the only one not getting any love on V-Day ha hah ha....I also had our anniversary etched into his ring so he has no excuse to blow it....maybe we should start etching things into Robb so he doesn't forget :)

Courtney said...

Is nobody else suprised that the French haven't surrendered yet?????

Jaye T. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Let us know what happens. :):) Know that you are loved no matter what happens with Robb tonight.

Sara said... foot might be broken..

not the whole thing just some small bones in the side...

It hurts a lot..but not excrusiating..i'll find out tomorrow for sure what the deal is..

I had X'rays today..the doctor and the hospital need to confirm yet..but the X'rays are looking rather suspicious?

It is a bummer...but hey i've been praying that god would help give me some time to catch up in school..and since i can't work with a bum foot..maybe this is it..

The whole thing really is rather funny..

I hurt it going down the stairs outside of vibbard (as i fell)lol

so right now i'm trying to come up with a cool story to tell everyone about how i broke my foot (part of it)

Sara said...

knchivaka- the word i used as i screamed in agony when i fell

ash said...

i love how nessa's blog is a wellspring of info...sara's poor foot...and court's concern for the french..

i'm sure that robb didn't forget your birthday...if he did however, all he had to do was take a look at your latest blog post...can we say "flowers from the grocery store"?

i love you nessa-bean!!!
happy birthday!

robb said...

can we get an update on this?

gzmfvgh - the noise I made repeatedly while reading this thread

A said...

Yeah, the suspense is killing us!!!

jijkpuo: the sound I made at the idea Robb could have forgotten your birthday.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!

klasieprof said...

cinft: the gift a cheap person buys you..I mean the PERSON that buys you a cheap gift (as in SKINFLINT)

I called and sang for you !! Happy bday dear!!

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