Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Christian Cuss

Little did Thomas Crapper know what he was doing when he made his invention: not only did he come up with the first flushing toilet, he also gave his name to the most popular Christian cuss word right now. I guess we can use it because it can't really be traced back to anything having to do with Satan (Although a good friend of our always said that he was giving birth to a demon when he used the bathroom)....It's in Don Miller's books, and all over the blogs, and even on my sweet little daughters' lips, as in "Mom, did you get the good turkey or the "crab" turkey for Thanksgiving?" (She over heard me telling hubby about my internal debate over the Jenny-O (crap) turkey for 68 cents a pound or the Butterball (I guess good) for 98 cents a pound). I guess until the kids are a little older, we'll have to switch over to the more Biblical greek....scubalon.

excuse me, i have to change a scubalony diaper.


klasieprof said...

WEll once hardest thing is swearing. SOmetimes a good SH*T is worth a million other words. I dont use G-d's name in vain..try NOT to use the F word, because thats reallyyyyy bad, dont use damn or Hell...Or Damn you to Hell...and sOmetimes ASS...ok once in a while I use P*ss..I've prayed every new years since I was a teen to quit swearing.
I have however quit goosing people. SO I have made SOME progress.
And I DO tell people when they have a goober in their teeth..that's admirable right? ANd yes I know all about teh WEll not giving forth sweet water and sour and all that.
I just DONT get the CRAP thing..and I have tried to tell Wiliam how bad it sounds coming from his Why cant I stop??
Well shit..I guess I'll have a glass of wine, keep cooking and think about it. (I'm doing tg today)

Dywauwi= new swear word.

Robb said...


courtney said...

okay, so as kids we were taught that it was the origins of slang that made them bad=="geez"=Jesus and "shoot" was "shit" and blah blah blah. I don't know but I think mom was really on to things when she taught us that swearing was poor English, not a spiritual measuring cup. We, of course, were never to direct a negative to somebody (regardless of how much of an SOB somebody really was) and never use God's name for a curse, but crap is crap and sometimes, shit happens and we all know an ass when we see one. What's the big deal? I might sound like a college drop-out with that particular language but I have a hard time seeing it as a moral dilemna. And come on! where would I be without "piss ant"?

crsiy--crying sissy; synononous to nancy boy

ness said...

As an English ed. major, I came to believe that language, as an extention to culture, changes. We have to have words for things and some words give a certain "oomph" to situations, scenarios, feelings that beg for expression...and the old words just become passe' and cannot give voice anymore. I think that the reason certain words don't "look good on" our kids, and this is what I tell them, is that they express more intensity than they in their young lives have truly experienced. So the other day, when Vin said, "Dang it! I missed Spider Man!" I said, I don't think that missing Spider Man is that serious, Vin, and I don't think you need to say that it is. If he says "crap" when he's 15, though, I probably won't correct him, unless he says it to his teacher or something. (Course, by then, language will have de-evolved so much, our soap will blush.)

Donna, having experienced a range of things that would have crushed others, speaks with an intensity that matches her life experience. (she gooses that hard too, so I'm glad she gave that up. ouchie!)

My mother had such colorful cusses that we just laughed at them...which is what "sh**winkers" and "pissaroonie" were meant to do...blow off steam and express mild vexation.

I don't condone in any way, shape, or form, using God's name in vain and my kids already know that doing so will result in serious consequences. I also don't use language that would make somebody else Principal from NY was alarmed to hear me say, "Oh my goodness" since I have no goodness, theologically speaking. (her theology, not mine) So when she said it bothered her, I went with "oh my stars" and actually just dropped "oh my goodness" altogether.

language like clothing is, to me, as casual or formal as the situation calls for.

so frankly, none of us gives up "swearing" unless we really believe it is wrong. And most people I know really don't believe it is.

tpnmjx: hybrid of martial arts and gymnmastics

A said...

I don't know what the fuck the big deal is!

Oh, sorry, I just got home from a weekend at duck camp where that was the language du jour.

Robb said...

Well, duck does rhyme with that. Glad you got that out of your system, A. my mother reads the blog you know.

A said...

Like Mars has never used that word before?!?!?!

ness said...

uhh...oops. "NESS" was posting as "ROBB" by mistake. I don't know if my mother in law says that, but I know MY Mom does NOT.

ilgxqcsb: the kind of libel when you accidentally accuse your mother in law of using one of the really really bad "swears".

A said...


Please don't hate me Mrs. Mattocks!

I was just trying to be silly, and I was sleep deprived from duck camp.

Elizabeth said...

You guys sound just like my very immature guy friends at bbc. where does the new testament say it's okay to be crass--using words that basically mean "up yours"? or maybe it would be better to ask-- where does it say DON'T BE CRUDE?

ness said...

Beth, I have to call you out on this a bit. I knew this conversation would ruffle some feathers, but I have to ask, where DOES it say that? We know that Jesus used common lanquage, not the more refined Greek. We know that Paul's word for his own righteousness was a "crass" word, not the KJV's "dung." The people on this blog have almost all gone to Bible college, and more importantly, deeply love the Lord, and yet, are unconvinced that occassionally using colorful language is wrong, only perhaps "low". It might bother you, but is it really a sin to be "low?" Because if it is, there isn't much hope for any of us. Thoughts?

klasieprof said...

As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once observed, if aliens saw dogs doing their business and humans picking it up with their hands and carrying it away they would think the dogs are the higher species.

Every day, people on Earth produce over 5 billion kilos (11 billion pounds) of poop.

Heres the SCOOP on POOP
Including: Why does Poop stink? What is poop made of? Why is Bird poop white and MANY other questions to answers you've never had....

megmdmu: the large poop one has after consuming lots of coffee.

klasieprof said...

The Most Functional Word in the English language.
Well, it's shit...that's right, shit!
Shit may just be the most functional
word in the English language.

Be shit out of luck,
or have shit for brains, or get shit faced.
With a little effort,
you can get your shit together,
Find a place for your shit, Or
be asked to shit or get off the pot.
You can smoke shit,
buy shit,
sell shit,
lose shit,
find shit,
forget shit,
and tell others to eat shit.
Some people know their shit, while
others can't tell the difference
between Shit and Shineola.

There are lucky shits,
dumb shits,
crazy shits,
There is bull shit,
horse shit and
chicken shit.

You can throw shit,
sling shit,
catch shit,
shoot the shit,
or duck when the shit hits the fan.
You can give a shit or
> > serve shit on a shingle.
You can find yourself in deep shit
or be happier than a pig in shit.
Some days are colder than shit,
some days are hotter than shit,
and some days are just plain shitty.
Some music sounds like shit,
things can look like shit,
and there are times when you feel
like shit.

> > You can have too much shit,
> > not enough shit,
> > the right shit,
> > the wrong shit or
> > a lot of weird shit !

You can carry shit,
have a mountain of shit, or find
yourself up shits creek without a
Sometimes everything you touch
> > turns to shit and other times you
> > fall in a bucket of shit and come out
> > smelling like a rose.
> >
> >
> > When you stop to consider all the
> > facts, it's the basic building block of the
> > English language.
> >
> > And remember, once you know your shit,
> > you don't need to know anything else!
> > You could pass this along, if you give
a shit. Or not do so, If you don't give a shit!
Well Shit, it's time for me to go. Just
wanted you to know that I do Give A Shit
> > and hope you had a nice day,
> > without a bunch of shit.
> > But if you happened to catch a load of shit from
> > some shit head........
> >
> > Well, shit happens!

ness said...

uhhh...donna...not helping my cause here.....


Elizabeth said...

Do not let any UNWHOLESOME TALK come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people. Nor should there be OBSCENITY, FOOLISH TALKING, or COURSE JOKING, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. Ephesians5: 3-4

But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and FILTHY LANGUAGE from your lips. Colossians 3:8

yeah, i'm pretty sure that Paul would have considered F--- a filthy word, course humor, obscene, etc.

whatever, this is your blog, and you can say what you want, but i'd like to see a little scripture once in a while to back up your lifestyle if you don't care about it's offensiveness to others.

ness said...

I'm not certain of that. I'm not trying to upset you, Beth, but rather to give you another perspective. I don't like to hear you say you know what Paul was thinking. That's very bold. Language is relative. It reflects people's baggage, their experiences, their culture. It always kind of makes me laugh to see students at Bob Jones putting on Shakespearean plays thinking they are so highbrow and wholesome, when the language is extraordinarily loaded with all kinds of double ententres, earthy talk, and bodily metaphors. It's brilliant stuff, but very earthy. You highlighted: unwholesome talk but you called us that building up? Do you really think that anyone would change the way they talk because it made you mad or uncomfortable? You also mention obscenity, foolish talking and course joking and filthy language. This is an important's not foolish. Yes, we joke a bit, but it's an exchange of ideas. Why is crap "okay" but "sh**" it not? I'm merely pointing out the inconsistency. There is also the motivation behind this kind of talk, too, that has yet to be addressed, and is probably more important than using or not using the words themselves. Bottom line, if it is course joking and filthy language, then it is wrong. I'm sure we'll all be thinking about this and putting a sharper point on what we believe and how we talk.

jdub said...

My favorate quote from this conversation...(I'll bet your curious)...

"Language like clothing is, to me, as casual or formal as the situation calls for."

Extremely well put Vanessa, and might I add eloquently stated.

Robb said...

Oh, Joel. You're just looking for someone to give you permission to use a bad word.

Kevin said...

well this was interesting to!

klasieprof said...

well i have to say that I myself have been thinking for a coulple of days about the verses that were posted. (eek maybe CONVICTED)..anyway just some thoughts..WE DO have all liberty (I SOO want to insert DAMMIT here but won't) , yet must continue to strive for perfection, the perfection of Christ. I can't imagine HIM (the emmulater for us) saying OH SH*t..
then Todays reading...Faith - persistent faith, that is - is not a fad; it is a fact. It runs like a thread throughout all history and is shared by the men and women of every generation. Those who think of the Christian faith as a plant that flourishes only in good weather ought to take a look at history. Faith is hardy perennial that survives all weather conditions - drought, storm, even floods. J. B. Phillips, in his brilliant paraphrase of the New Testament, sums it up admirably: "We may be knocked down but we are never knocked out!" (2 Co 4:9). A preacher friend of mine puts it equally well when he says: "We may be floored but we are not flattened."

Daily Prayer

Gracious Father, help me see that my perseverance is not so much a matter of my persevering but Your persevering in me. I supply the willingness; You supply the power. Together we will make it, You and I. All glory be to Your wonderful name. Amen.

So I will continue to try and stop swearing...I..ugh..swear it?? LOL
I love you guys.'

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