Friday, October 28, 2005

today's adventures....

Found my way to Pea Ridge, AR, just up the road from us, to go to a sale first thing this morning. I kept trying to defrost, but the car wouldn't get warm. It was dark still and the road was very curvy and full of traffic, and I was still bleary eyed. It helped when I figured out how to open the lid in my MARE travel mug (thank you Donna). It helped even more when I realized in the light of day and three sales later that the AC was on, not the defrost.

Turned out to be a very tomato day : these were my finds for the morning... three pieces of japanese ceramic tomato ware and the cool pewter tomato sugar bowl. Might have to keep 'em!

The kids took a walk down the lane to see the llamas and Hank, and then met Theodore Bunny who lives next door. He belongs to Alyssa, our hosts' daughter, but Vin calls her "The Sister." She had a good laugh over that.

Heard from my "baby" sister Ashley finally. They were hit badly by hurricane Wilma in Florida, but their house is safe. She said it was pretty scarry. The 7-11 down the street from them is destroyed with lots of other things, and they are glad to have the power back on. It was good to hear from her.


Sara said...

you're so awesome!!!!

just thought i would let you know.

ness said...

thank you...right back at ya, girl.

frgiodka: the something like a swear word that I used this morning while trying to defrost my windshield.

Kristie said...

ok I hope the kids were at home in the warm house. The AC must have been on due to "michigan weather".
Brian says "Hi, miss ya, It's not the same. I agree.

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