Friday, October 07, 2005

Seriously, U2...amazing

I've been wanting to blog about U2's performance on Conan O'Brian last night all day...some random thoughts....

Bono has really big feet!

The best example of truly postmodern Christians I can think of, complete with an amazingly beautiful optimistic dispensationalism. I am a glass half-empty-girl myself, but I find optimists crazy-attractive. As much as I believe that the world really stinks sometimes, they believe just as thoroughly that tomorrow is another day wherein something great might happen. Bono is wildly optimistic about how much an Irish rock star can accomplish for good in his lifetime....He reminded me what this is all about again....what all this headache of packing and church stuff and being apart from Robb and all the other misery is accomplish something that reflects in some small way how much God has given us and how we can reflect His grace to the needy ones around us. Call it hero-worship or falling for a celebrity if you want, but I think that that is what a musician/poet is call attention to the details in life we can't express or don't notice, and therefore remind us of the greater picture. To "give some words to what we almost feel" as Chris Rice said. It goes without saying that Robb is an optimist, and I would follow him to the end of the world....he makes me believe crazy and wonderful things are possible.

Seemingly so serious, in their all-black clothes and deep, still lyrics, they made me laugh out loud. "In the year 2000" is Robb's favorite Conan bit, and having The Edge with that gooney necklace thing was just so dang funny. I felt deeply happy and satisfied for the first time in days. They made me believe again that this world is a pretty nice place in spite of sin and illness, because at least we can still laugh and create and do rightly by others. Lighten Up, Girl!

I'm always wary of celebrity-worship. Let's face it, our culture is so vulgar that way. But Jesus was famous. Sometimes people are just so very good, you can't help standing there with your mouth open, just being amazed. I remember the glory days of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. I could have cared less about the NBA, but there was just something about how great Jordan was, that I was sucked in. I couldn't help being interested. U2 is that way for me....they are just so good at what they do, I can't help hanging on their every word. Maybe because, like Jesus, they are good at maintaining some mystery. I maintain 2 percent skepticism....Bono could be the antichrist afterall. Leading the charge to erase the national debt in 36 poverty stricken countries, uniting the likes of radical Hollywood stars with Right wing conservatives to eradicate AIDS in Africa, not to mention his work regarding Apartheid in South Africa could make a guy pretty popular all over the globe. But I'll try to be optimistic. They could just be a great band.

The acoustic "Stuck in a Moment" good. Made me want to cradle my guitar and touch base with my soul...

"Some things you shouldn't get too good at...Laughing, Crying and Late Night TV....."

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