Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Please please please

well, on the advice of Ben the Realtor in Arkansas (who will henceforth be known simply as Ben the Realtor), I tried to light a fire under my agent here. So she called last night at 9:30 p.m. to tell me that the house is being shown today. They were to show it between 9 and 10 am, so pray that something comes of it. There is also an open house on Thursday for other agencies to see the house.

Knowing that someone was going to walk through my house and have an opinion of it sparked some pretty strong emotions for me. I cried for a while and I'm too tired to blog all about it now. It's the first time we've shown the house and it's also the first time the house has been nice looking and "put together" and may I just project a little....HAPPY...for quite a while.

Today we are going to have alittle fun, get Charleigh's ears pierced, get Vin's hair cut and run some other errands.

I am now offline at home and can only blog when I can get access to another computer. I will try to write when I can.

Just today, tomorrow and Thursday to get through til Robb comes for us!


Elizabeth said...

Vanessa, you know there is internet at Mary's house. Use it, silly! Make it worth all the money they spend!

I'm thinking...maybe we should all move to Arkansas!

I'm so bored at work that I created a blog and made up the person...if you just want to laugh at me...it's elizabethalden.blogspot.com!

ness said...

I am using it! I just don't have as much time in the morning to sit and mess around...unlike some of us with our cushy jobs....

no word about the showing yesterday. Beth, you work in
Real Estate now, give me some tips...

Elizabeth said...

I don't know a whole lot yet, but I'll tell you the things that I know about...
1. They hold open houses a LOT
2. Have sign in sheet for guests and send them thank you cards for coming
3. Have brochures outside for people to pick up...with your number on them
4. Advertise that you are right by the school and downtown...yet are still in a quiet neighborhood
5. Make sure your listing is in the classifieds online and in the newspaper.
6. Make sure the pictures of your house are flattering and clear.

Other than that, I don't really know--my agency is a little different because it is a flat fee realty...agents don't get paid commission--just one fee for selling the house. (and to tell the truth...this is a bad time of year to sell...most of the people who want to list this time of year are told they should wait until spring--because there is a very small market from november through february).
I'll be praying about it...It's such a sweet house...someone is bound to fall in love with it.

I like my cushy job :)

Elizabeth said...

Have you tried listing it in the Lansing classifieds? A lot of homes out here list in the Des Moines classifieds--because that is where everyone looks!

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