Friday, October 07, 2005

God is watching over us...

The person who stopped to help Sara in the pouring rain, she let Sara sit in her car while they waited for the police to come. Sara accidentally left her purse (translated credit card) in the car. She called Camp Bayouca where someone there gave her their credit card number and paid for enough gas to get her home to BBC safe.

A guy stopped at the garage sale today. He asked how much we were asking for the house and then asked for a tour (I forgot that my realtor frowns on this). So, it turns out that "Gary" lived in Fayetteville, AR for 6 years, and also lived in Foxboro, MA (where Mattie was born) before moving to Ithaca. He was quite impressed by the house. It's the first time the house has been shown.

I made it to the Post Office with ebay boxes (that I was late shipping) at about 4:27, (they close at 4:30) and was able to pay in cash for the shipping costs the exact amount that I made at the garage sale today (minus the 6 cents that T.P. chipped in (Going to miss this kind Postal Employee)

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Jen said...

U2 is awesome. Have you heard anymore from Sara?

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