Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another morning as a perfect heathen

Having another fine Sunday morning as a complete heathen...Okay, maybe not complete heathen, since I do plan to attend church later this morning, but it still feels weird not to be there at the crack of dawn wondering who is going to show up, making coffee and cutting fresh flowers (as if anyone ever noticed). Oh well. Last week, we attended with my sister and brother in law, and the kids picked out their old Easter clothes to wear (translated we only go to church once a year), we didn't know any of the songs, and we dropped the offering basket. It was a fresh experience all right, but very disconcerting. I'll file that away to help new people at Vintage Fellowship. It frankly takes a lot of guts to show up at a new place, even when you go with friends and family.


Robb said...

The phrase "perfect heathen" is funny and ironic.

iqdzbh - a perfect heathen

Anonymous said...

Ouch, some people do notice. I miss you guys a lot.

Cathy said...

The dropping of the offering basket was pretty funny.

I loved you guys coming to church with us. It is a shared experience that we have not often had.

Though sadly you will miss the conclusion of the sailing through life drama - do you think that the one character is meant to be Satan - appearing and whispering sometimes subtly, other times not so much, lies to the people on the ship.

hohxnhlo - the artistic term for the golden halos that often appear behind the heads of saints in renaissance paintings.

Elizabeth said...

yeah, i never did visit a church in grand rapids that made me feel comfortable at all. what is wrong with us?

ness said...

I was being a bit dramatic suggesting that no one cared about my flower arrangements. Blame it on the tragic lack of sleep.

Feeling much better today.

I could see getting involved at a big church once I knew the ropes a little better...that's why small groups are just so key. I have to admit I loved the anonimity the last two weeks...not having to introduce myself, tell my story to some group....It was nice to just show up and be cared for. It was also nice being at church with family, something we hardly ever get to do. It's a great learning experience.

sflfx: the state of mind when you think no one cares about your flower arrangements.

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