Thursday, September 29, 2005

So it dawned on me...

Some of you remember the open house when we had everyone from church over after we moved in here. We had just gotten home from a trip and had to get the whole house clean and ready to go on a Saturday night.

The ladies progressive Christmas brunch with my Polish potatoe pancakes (I could seriously go from some of those right now)

The new years eve party when the guys played foosball in the basement and the whole house was just full of friends and the smell of saurkraut and keilbasi.

The night we had the PTR group and we sat by the fire until it was so dark, and we had a marshmallow fight, and Doug thought Mattie was falling into the fire and broke the leg of his chair jumping up so fast....

The whole Ryerse clan for Christmas and we opened presents for so long the kids had to take naps to get through it.

When we got the college kids to come and paint our living room and we called it a party. When I took the lid off the paint to show them the color and Robb didn't know and shook the can....

Mattie's suprise birthday party in the backyard last September

Group (what happens at group stays at group)

It dawned on me we are actually leaving this house. Call it denial, but I hadn't let myself think about it until I took the pictures off the walls. If these walls could speak....


sara_williams192006 said...

I remember your "open house" party because i found that picture of Rob that he looked like such a girl in.

I remember the "party" and wall painting (that was so much fun) it really was a party.

I remember when Elizabeth and i came over to your house and we cleaned it and ordered pizza for you and Rob and we were your waitresses and when we came out to see how everything was you two were totally makeing Elizabeth was so ambarresed she almost was going to leave by climbing out the

I remember when i came over on christmas eve and opened up the only two or three or four ( forget how many presents there were) presents that i had gotten that year from anybody and how loved i felt...and then you fell asleep on the couch and it was so cute...and i still felt loved.

I remember when i came home in May and asked the question "Well, how do i know if he's a good kisser if i've never been kissed" and you said seriously and firmly "Sara,if he licks your face then you know he's a bad kisser." And then later that night Rob licked your face (YUCK!)

I remember when i took Mattie on her Potter's Park trip and she told me that i was going to marry steve because he was the only person that she

I remember the volleyball game we played with Rob's sister and brother in law...i've never felt so much more apart of a family than i did that day..

I also remember and store up all the countless hugs i've recieved in that house and loving encouragement and meals when i had no other place to go.

I remember the many times that i've cried with you in that house and the many times that you and Rob just listened as i expressed my fears and the many times you made hot chocolate for me as i cried about my family.

So many good memories and it makes me sad to think that this christmas i won't be celebrating it with you

Dar Miller said...

If the walls could speak where I live right now, it would be scary and depressing. Not only now, but when previous wives lived here. Be thankful for the good memories. I had a ton of great memories in the house that I owned in Luther, so at least I have that. Good memories are definately better than living in the bad memories. I know, I know.....I always try to look for the positive in other people's pain......What can I say? But really, be glad for the good memories. You can always take them with you. Grab a rock or something from the yard and that way you can take part of the home with you.

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