Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reverse Blogging - How Do I Price These?

They are one of a kind.
Required extreme precision to execute.
Are made from fine materials-
Silverplate and vintage china
Can never be re-produced exactly

But are only 2 inches tall.



Very expensive jewelry is often much less that 2" tall! My pricing rule is to strike a balance between feeling taken advantage of and feeling I'm taking advantage of the buyer. Somehow that seems to (maybe) work. Or, I value my time at $25 an hour and use that equation. My third strategy is to wonder how Vanessa would price something and consider texting her to ask!

Mother B said...

It took me awhile to figure out what they were, but when I did........they are precious. Would $10 be too little......apiece? The deal is that anyone who looks at them will say to in the world did she do that.....then......I freakin' love this because it is so unusual and then....$10 is not too much. They are a novelty for sure! What are the little frames that you mounted them made of?

Mrs. V said...

I'm not actually going to say anything helpful here--I just wanted to say that I ADORE these pieces

ash said...

more than $10!

i don't know how to price art, but i do know that if you think they're worth a certain price, the right buyer will agree with you.

people will respect your work more when you do..

and i agree with annie on the time value-definitely take that into account..

word verification-calmism: something we all could use more of...

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