Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Good Haul

With the arrival of cooler (more human compatible) weather around here, there were several good estate and garage sales this past weekend, which led to the first good "haul" since the town wide garage sales in Neosho way back in April. 

This, PLUS four sales down the Heartwood Gallery, is what a good day looks like in the junking business: 

You will see these as mosaics in a month or two.

So stoked to find this electric Craftsman drill for 5 dollars.  No more tired battery power drillin'. 

I spy with my little eye and Art Deco umbrella handle that will fetch a pretty penny!

Tick Tock, clocks are hot.

I know you are jealous of my blue He Man Doll.

I love to find proven items that have sold before.

Hipster Eyeglass frames, anyone?

This is not an old tackle box, exactly. It's more like a tetanus shot looking for a place to happen. 

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Fun Fun! I want the radio!

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