Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Goin' Multi-Campus

I know is shocking, but I sometimes do get tired of sitting with my laptop, toiling away for hours at my Etsy shop.  (Truth: I tried to sit still through one listing and ended up texting with Robb and finding somebody's shoes.)  Un-distracted, it takes me an hour or more per item to accomplish the finding, photographing, listing, selling, and shipping...that's each and every item. Some do take less, but then there is always a corresponding item that takes much longer...like say...a silver euphonium that needed to be polished, had multiple questions about it, and was a booger to pack.  All that to say, I'm pretty sure I make about 6 dollars an hour when it's all said and done.

...And I'm on the computer a lot.  And in 100+ degree weather, my computer has decided to say, "Yeah, No.  I'm too hot and I won't work anymore.  I'm shutting down the power supply cord until I'm cooled off."

So....I had this crazy idea.  The flea market side of things is going well.  It takes some time, but it is fun to play store.  So I branched out and rented a second booth at All My Treasures on highway 16.

All My Treasures has been a flea market for over 22 years and is about three times the size of my other Flea.  I'm thinking if I sell twice as much stuff in half the time I would sell it on Etsy, I will still be doing ok.  And I won't have to work so hard on packing things that scare me.

So this morning, I headed down to repaint it (which could be changed again soon, but it was better than the chocolate poo that was currently on my pegboard walls) and put in the first wave of goodies.  Here it is...I am vendor 106 and my booth is number 19.   Come visit me soon!


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