Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No, Seriously.... WHAT did she bring home this time?

It's been a while since I found something that made me giddy.  Like two or three weeks at least!  So, inspired by a new episode of American Pickers, I headed to my favorite thrift store this morning with a little time to kill between appointments.   I'm not trying to be annoying when I tell you I prayed a little bit that God would have something there for me.  Which was asking a bit, since I was just there yesterday. It's true.  I was just there.  But until I top my previous record of stopping at that thrift store twice in one day, I figured I'm still good.  Sure enough, I found two great old plates for my mosaics, followed by a silver-plated cream and sugar. A couple of lamps caught my eye, but lamps are a pain in the tookus to ship. So I only buy a lamp to resell if I think it is freakin' awesome.  And then I turned around and found this: 

It's a big vase. 
A floor vase, 30 inches tall, to be exact.

It is marked Mexico.
I think it's what is known as "Tourist Pottery" for reasons you can probably put together. 

It's in perfect condition.

I would guess, based on some old postcards I had once, that this dates to the 1960s or even 1950s and that it is hand-painted.

And I think it's kind of awesome.

 So does Charleigh.

Peggy clearly prefers socks to pottery.

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Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

ooo, ooo, guess what i found at half-priced books? The Antique Roadshow board game. 7 bucks. I'm saving my sofa cushion money.

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