Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Stuff

So this past week has been a big one.

We got insurance checks from State Farm for the house in Michigan.  But I thought they were copies and put them in the drawer.  Robb just discovered they were ACTUAL checks this morning.

I was notified on Monday that Etsy wanted to do a feature on our home for their weekly Get The  Look Home Decor blog post.  This is kind of a big deal.  Ok, I'm lying. It's huge.  Etsy told people all over the world to look at my house.  Robb thought this was hilarious and threatened to take pictures of the garage and the kids closets and put them in my Flickr feed.  And then he thanked me for making our home beautiful. And I rubbed his whiskery chin and said, "Except the garage."  You can see the article here.  

The kids had their Benchmark exams last week.  Which is kind of miserable for everyone.  I had to yell a little bit when one of Mattie's teachers wouldn't let her get her lunch from her locker because it would disrupt other testers.  Mattie's school is way over-crowded and if you live in this district I implore you to vote yes to the new middle school. That place is way too full of middle school hormones. 

Robb is shopping for a book agent.  He has been working on a book for some time now and began looking for an agent and publisher.  Most people talk about writing books but never do it. Then when they get to this point, they get stuck trying to get it published.  He sent out inquiries last week.  It takes a long time, but he got started!

In less than three weeks, it is time for the spring War Eagle Craft show.  This is the last of my uber-busy activities to knock out this spring and I am so eager to put up the pool and let it be summer already.  But I have a good opportunity for some press coverage at the show and I want to parlay that to benefit my Etsy shop as well as Heartwood Gallery.  So much to do still. And so, three more weeks and then I get my life back...


Into Vintage said...

Vanessa! I just popped over here from etsy because I recognized pics of your home (seen on your blog iver the years) in the etsy article before they even said whose home it was! SO excited for you - what an honor and your home is incredible. I just know people from *all over the world* (no pressure...) will love it too. WAY TO GO!

Holly said...

I'd like you to get your life back too so I can find some time to be with you.

Sara said...

great stuff!!!

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