Friday, April 02, 2010

Two Booths

The Forces of Evil almost took me out.  I have black and blue marks, scrapes, scratches and sore muscles, but I did manage to beat down the garage, the laundry room and parts of my studio.  In case you wondered, I am actually at war with the house.  You see, it wants me to live the Stepford life of a suburban can tell by the menacing way the cupboards are arranged. The house keeps  whining, "WHY can't you just go and get something new from the mall for me?"  And I give it a morsel of IKEA and  go on living the life of an inveterate junker. Years ago, Robb printed this quotation for me and I have had it hanging somewhere ever since...

"A place belongs forever to whoever claims it the hardest,
remembers it most obsessively,
wrenches it from itself,
shapes it,
renders it,
loves it so radically
that she remakes it in her own image."
-Joan Didion, The White Album

I am rendering away on this stubborn house.  She's a real wench quite frankly. 

Maybe I would be making more progress if I wasn't spread out all over the world, hawking my wares at the Heartwood Gallery and now, the Fayetteville Trading Post as well as on Etsy.  I'm ubiquitous. Check it out:

Here is the Heartwood Booth: I repainted it awhile ago...did I tell you that?  I am very fond of the color, which I made out of leftover paint in the garage.

I want to make more of the flower pots, which were created from a combination of handmade pottery, the sweetest little bird mug and chalkboard paint. 

And here is the booth at the Trading Post:  I am delighted with the result and Mattie declared it looks like a REAL booth. 

I stopped in yesterday to see if I sold anything.  I promised myself that when I made my first sale, I was going to buy myself a picture I had my eye on since the first time I visited.  For only 8 dollars, I brought home this beauty.  I don't know anything about it, but it looks like an Arts and Crafts Linoleum print to me. And I love it. (I sold a wooden handle utensil worth $2.50, but hey, I didn't specify that the items be of equal value!)   

Ok, I'm heading upstairs to see if the girls' rooms are ready to be photographed!  And then I have lots more house-whipping to do.  It's like we just moved in all over again....


TrevnElly said...

Vanessa, is there a B in that collection of letters you bought yesterday?

ness said...

oh, I wish. It looks like "washington" is all I got : )

Robb said...

Really? I thought it spelled, "Hi Won Gowns"

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